You are a miracle and are not broken… you just need to know how to operate the hard drive

You are a miracle and are not broken… you just need to know how to operate the hard drive

The way we look at the world affects everything. If we are looking for evidence that something is unjust, something is unfair or that it is a pile of sh*t, then you will find it. If you are considering buying a particular car, then you will be sure to see them everywhere; it isn’t magic; it’s a part of the brain called the reticular activator and it demonstrates how clever we are as a human race. 

The issue is that when we are looking for evidence or reasons to keep us stuck, then we will find it and keep ourselves grounded in whatever state we are. Our current feelings keep us in a cycle of feeling the same over and over again with nothing ever changing. This is the danger. If we are not careful we are literally living our past over and over again. Talk about groundhog day! 

If you think about it logically, then how can we expect anything to change if we are expecting more of the same. The trick is to convince our supple minds to think the way we want to think, in order to feel the way we want to feel before we actually get there. 

Not easy. 

But then anything worthwhile never is. 

Let me ask you. If you knew you could take a magic pill and instantly change everything in your life, so you could begin to live your best life without having to do anything else…would you take it? Would you take that pill and transition to the life you fantasise about? 

Of course, there is no magic pill and while we may risk popping a pill in some desperate hope, we are rarely willing to put effort into something unless we have some guarantee. 

Those people out there living the dream, however, were prepared to work or risk everything without any guarantee. They followed their gut and it paid off for them; it could just as easily have not, but when you are wired in a way that you go for what you want and are prepared to live through the consequences until it pays off, then you will likely end up in an incredible place, as opposed to staying still and never trying. Yes, you may fail, but failing is good…at least, it can be, if you choose to look at it that way and celebrate the fact you tried and lost rather than never tried at all.

Things don’t stick if we don’t believe it will work, or that we have what it takes to see it through. If we truly believed that drinking more water would improve our health beyond all measure, why wouldn’t we do it? But we don’t do it because we are ok…and surviving on wine and coffee (true story!) so we think it is ok to keep going as we are.. But is surviving ok with you? Don’t you want to thrive? Don’t you want to see what you can truly accomplish if you go full throttle towards your dreams? 

The fear that we won’t see it through, or that we will waste our energy trying and failing, is what keeps us stuck. It feels safer to not even try. 

If you become friends with failure, chase it down, and play with what comes out the other end until you feel like trying again, then I promise you that your life will be different in a really good way. It may feel icky, it may get uncomfortable, and it may sting…but no more than living out the rest of your life miserable and stuck. 

You are not broken. I wrote a blog post some time ago commenting that I felt I had broken my brain, but now I can see it was just my internal struggles with being pulled to this better life whilst my conscious mind was struggling with what this meant. The feeling of not fitting in, not belonging, became such a heavy feeling for me, that I was odd and broken because I couldn’t just put up with my life and settle. I can now see that my soul was waking up, screaming from behind the haze to let it break free from the system and step up to lead others who are feeling the same. 

The very fact we are here…how we started life as our Mother and Father met…how we grew without having to do anything towards it…how we perhaps made our own children…how we breathe air and know instinctively what to do sometimes…if these are not miracles, then I don’t know what is. Isn’t it time we wake up and realise that life is not about surviving day to day, spending our days in some busy induced coma? I suspect  I am not the only one suffering from anxiety and depression not due to clinical depression, but because my soul was fighting my body and my body was using those tools to keep my soul quiet and ashamed, not wanting it to rise up at the grand old age of forty. It wanted to prepare for retirement, and didn’t fancy the risk of standing alone and never truly fitting in and finding a place to belong. It also wanted to be a good girl, and good girls are quiet and don’t cause a fuss. 

But what if I die a good girl and never truly live my calling? What if I could have helped hundreds, thousands, millions of women to break free alongside me and yet I chose to hide because I didn’t feel ready or I was too tired or it wasn’t what a good girl did? What If I wasted my life and had to come back again, learning the same lessons until it finally clicked. What if this was the lifetime in which my soul got the lesson and had the courage to stand up and be counted? 

We all believe different things about life, past lives etc and I will not go off on a tangent here, but am happy to explore this topic in a blog post if requested. 

Regardless of our beliefs, you have to question what would be the point if we were simply here to be born…survive…get swept along in everyone else’s wishes…hide…and then die. There has to be more to our existence than that. 

I believe that the reason you are feeling unsettled, just as I was feeling unsettled, is that you are being called to rise. Being called to be something of significance in others lives, and that can feel scary, daunting and very much a case of ‘Who? Little old me? I am no-one!’  However, the fact that you are not happy spending the rest of your life asleep and simply settling with what you have, means there is more to you that we are yet to uncover. How bloody exciting is that? <3

The first step in this journey is to truly understand your mind. To truly understand how your thoughts work and what that means…from there you can start to operate your hard drive and take back control. Take my 4 part free video course and at the end I will invite you to join The Peacocks Nest, where you can get support and more, enabling you to live your life your way

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