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20140811-Victoria and Sam-099I am so happy you are reading this page as I would LOVE to work with you to help you achieve your dream(s)…sometimes you just need someone in your corner who gets what it is REALLY like…someone who has been there before and someone who can hold the faith in your ideas…even when your faith has packed its bag and taken a mini-break (it happens to us all), but you must NEVER give up

…tweak the plan, YES…

…but NEVER EVER give up.

Having helped hundreds of women to start their own creative business, I now truly appreciate my ability, and passion,  for helping people achieve what is in their heart and to hold a safe space for them so they feel accountable, seen and supported.

So that I can help you too, I have created  a few options depending on where you are in your own miraculous journey. Start where you are and don’t worry too much about what is around the corner…you can deal with that when you get there 😉

Firstly…if you haven’t yet, please do join the “Stronger Than Thought” experience HERE  and make sure we are on the same page. At the end of the day, if you think you can make changes in your life without first changing yourself then we may have an issue. #JustSaying 😉

Now we are on the same page, here are the services which I am delighted to put out into the world:

Making a change is never easy, in fact it can hurt like hell at times, but that is no reason to stay where you are as that can end up being the most painful outcome of all.

Stuck in a life which damages your soul. In this fast paced world we can lose sight of who we are and what we want, and end up sucked into the plans (and drama) of others.

You know that shining diamond which is currently buried under years of self neglect and negative self talk?  It may have been such a long time that you may not even know it is there. But it is. It is in all of us.

The Peacock’s nest is here so you can retreat, virtually or in person, and gain some clarity over who you are and what you want and then find the confidence to start digging for that diamond, so that it starts dazzling the world around you.

If you feel that you need a bit of time in The Nest then I have three levels, depending on what you need, and you can move up and down as you need more or less support.

At the core, The Peacock’s Nest is a safe space for you to explore who you are without judgment. The nest is cushioned with meditation, EFT and NLP recordings, along with journal prompts and written exercises to give you the tools to change those unconscious habits and beliefs which sabotage our success.  You may not have all, or any, of the answers but that is not a reason to not start. Together we can find the way through.

To find out when we open, please come and take the stronger than thought experience HERE and you will be the first to know.

Do you doubt your ability to achieve? Have you tried many things before and just keep hitting a brick wall? Or are you ready to test yourself and see what is REALLY possible for you if you took the brakes off for a while?

Are you so confused and lost that you just wonder if this will ever happen for you? Are you starting to lose hope?

If this is you then sign up for a month in The Peacocks Playground and let’s just play with a goal with innocent wonderment. Let’s shift your energy, your perspective and the beliefs getting in your way and watch magic replace the everyday mundane. There is no pressure in the playground, no right or wrong…just a whole lot of celebrations and miracles to be found.

To make sure this is accessible for all, you can pay what you want…there really is no reason not to come and play.

To find out when we open please come and take the stronger than thought experience HERE and you will be the first to know.

Create Your Way To Success is my own Business Training Portal which has built up over the past 8 years of helping creative businesses start and grow. It includes ‘done for you’, ‘do with us’ and ‘self study’ modules for all stages of your business. Come and pick and mix the elements that you feel you need in order to make your dream of owning your own creative business a reality, or buy one of our ‘Access All Areas” passes which give you lifetime access to everything to ensure you always have everything you need to create your way to success.

Access the school HERE