What is a podcast anyway?

What is a podcast anyway?

So I have REALLY been bitten by the Podcasting bug and then I suddenly though that there may still be a podcast virgin or two out there who have no idea what I am talking about! So here is a super quick overview of what they are and how you can get involved 🙂

In a nutshell ANYONE (yes even you and here is how you can get started in double quick time) can start a podcast to share audio with others, many use their show to interview people, teach people or I guess there are musical podcasts too. I personally tend to listen to business podcasts such as Pat Flynn’s Passive Income Podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire and The School of Greatness.

When you find a podcast you like the sound of you subscribe to that podcast via ITUNES (Apple only!) and then each and every time the show releases a new episode it downloads onto your phone so when you are out and about you can plug in your earphones and listen to the show.

Some podcasts are weekly, some daily and others as and when. Some episodes are an hour long, others longer, and others much shorter. There are podcasts on literally any subject which is fantastic and most are free to listen to.

You can subscribe to as many as you like so if you would like to listen to mine (hint hint!) then you can subscribe here 🙂 My structure is 5-10 min (tops) episodes designed so mums can listen to a dose of inspiration on the way back from the School Run. I invite people all over the globe to leave me a voicemail sharing a single tip, thought or idea which changed their lives and feel it could change the listeners too. My podcast is designed for mums in mind but naturally anyone and their dog is free to listen 🙂

When you are subscribed to a podcast all you need to do is reach for your IPhone after School Drop off and listen to the latest episode. No planning or downloaded needed which is perfect for us busy mums. I also plug mine into the car radio so I can listen in comfort.

If you are not a Apple user then there are some other options for you too. You can download the Stitcher Radio App here as most podcasts are delivered to both Itunes and Sitcher. I have also just bought Pat Flynn’s Podcast player so you can listen to the podcast via my website at www.victoriacasebourne.com/podcast

I hope this answers the question “What is a podcast” and that you can see the benefits and are ready to jump on the Podcast party as a listener or a creator.

If you run your own podcast then I would love to hear from you in the comments below or if you have a favourite show you would like to share then please do leave that below too along with why you enjoy listening!

Victoria x



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