Does money equal success?

Does money equal success?

Only you can answer that I am afraid as it is different for each and every one of us…

Today as part of Michelle’s FREAKquency Video Challenge we were asked what success means for us which is such an important question to think about when embarking on your own business. Many people chase the ‘green stuff’ only to realise when all their relationships are broken and they have reserved their space in the knackers yard that money really does not buy happiness and who wants to rich and miserable?

Obviously if being filthy rich is your vision of success then thats ok too 😉 It really is about what is right for you personally and not chasing someone else’s version of success. Living life on your terms is about chasing your definition of success, enjoying the journey and recognizing it when you get there!

I would LOVE to know what your definition of success in in the comments below so please do pop by, say hi and let me know….

Until tomorrow

Victoria x

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