What we can learn from Daredevil and his ‘mate’ Fisk

What we can learn from Daredevil and his ‘mate’ Fisk


so I was watching episode of “Daredevil”  last night (available on Netflix) and it was showing the back story to Fisk which  is the main ‘baddy’ and it got me thinking….

This guy is going around the city creating havoc and harm, basically a type of Mafia character and thinks nothing of taking someone’s head off quite literally!

But as a child he has an abusive father and ended up bludgeoning him to death with a hammer in the back of head as the dad was attacking his mother in front of him and he snapped. He was only about 12 but that day set the path for his entire life. At that time he seemed to be a decent kid and violence.

I know this make believe but it got me thinking on how every single person all set out in life in a very innocent way and is only through the conditioning as a child they took the path they did. Quite a responsibility for parent hey!

I’m telling you this to hopefully give you confidence because not only does this help explain those that have a slightly warped sense of reality but also show you how “un-different”  those are that we look up to and admire. In fact the only difference between them and us is possibly a single experience and that could’ve been way back when they were small child.  These events which happen continuously through our life shape who we become as adults and when we realise that we can see that we can change our future quite easily as all it comes down to is a matter of belief and what those events have taught you in the past.

Something may have happened to you as a child which is limited your belief in yourself or had made you nervous of something or even petrified. Luckily there are ways to reverse or erase these effects that these events have left by using tools such as EFT , NLP, and many others that I’m probably not even aware of.

So if you take one thing away from this post remember that the person that you admire and wish you were more like is no different than you – they just had a different experience (sometimes just a one off experience) to you which is gone on to shape their life in a different way to yours. When you know it all boils down to experience and you know the experience can be reversed and that opens up a whole new world and it’s yours for the taking.

Don’t let your past control your future you can have what ever you want you just need to be brave enough to go and get it.


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