VIP Coaching Day

VIP Coaching DayI LOVE hosting an amazing VIP Coaching Day for special clients. I love getting them away from the day to day confusion and overwhelm of running a business, taking them somewhere special and really getting to grips with what needs to happen next for them an their business. I don’t believe that you can achieve that clarity any other way.

I have 16 years business experience (I am founder of The Keepsake Co offering fingerprint jewellery, baby impressions and more) and 5 of those has been spent coaching people to start and grow their own business from the ground up. I therefor not only know first hand what it is like to juggle all the hats, fight against our own inner issues and still strive to make magic happen in our lives and business BUT I also have seen it many times from the other side. Seeing the shifts people need to make personally to make the steps towards creating something wonderful.

VIP Coaching Day: Is this right for you?

I work with amazing ladies who have a big dream and vision but need a bit of support to make it happen. I can only support people who are ready to leave excuses at the door and be brave in taking action. I am however a Mum of two so I get that sometimes we need to surrender to life. I will therefor hold you lovingly accountable to taking action to your dreams while reassuring you that it is ok to put you and your family first at times. I believe that running a business should be part of your life and for that to be true it needs to flow with the ups and downs of the complexities of life.

VIP Coaching Day: The Costs

I can offer a VIP day package at Charlton House, Somerset for £997 which will include refreshments, a delicious lunch, a relaxing treatment and time in the spa to allow our work to settle and of course a full day of business coaching and strategizing.

Is a day of VIP Coaching right for you?

A VIP Coaching day will begin before we meet with a virtual cuppa while you let me into your world. I will ask questions and deeply listen to everything you tell me while I make notes. This not only allows me to prepare before we meet so we can hit the ground running when we work together. It also allows you to work with me a little before having to make a commitment to the VIP Coaching Day, and allows me to connect with you and make sure I feel I am able to help you. A day is a long time and it is important we click for you to get maximum results from the day.

We can spend an hour together virtually and then decide if I am the right business coach for you, and you the right client for me. As I only work with action taking superstars I will be asking you whether you wish to proceed with the VIP Coaching Day on the call so do please come along ready to say Yes or No. I will be totally happy either way as it needs to be right for us both, and there will be no sales pitch or pressure BUT I do believe that indecision is not good for you (or me) so I will want you to make a decision at the end of the call.

The VIP Coaching Day Structure

I follow a simple framework for all my coaching: M. O. R. E.

On the free call we will cover the first part: M for Motivation. I will want to understand exactly what you want to achieve and if you are not sure then we can work through this together. We will get you super excited and in no doubt that you can achieve all that you wish for.

10am: On the day we will then spend the first hour looking at all the opportunities (O for Opportunity) available to you to take you towards your dream. This is where my unique set of skills come in… If I don’t amaze you with ideas and possibilities then we can abandon the day at this point for a full refund. You will feel excited by all the door which are open to you and your amazing business.

11.30am: We will then break while you have a massage or treatment of your choice while you let all the opportunities and our explorations settle. It is when you are most relaxed that I expect you to have the biggest ah-has!

12.30: After your relax we will go through the list during a light lunch while we add any more which came up for us both and then we will review them, rate them and pick the key ones which will have the biggest impact in the shortest time.

1.30: After Lunch and that we are clear on one or two key projects you need to focus on we will remove some of the mindset blocks which may risk holding you back using EFT and NLP techniques (I am a qualified practitioner in both) This is about your improving your most important relationship  (R for Relationship)- the one you have with yourself. If there is any doubt in your mind that you are capable of achieving what is in your heart then you will self-sabotage. I want you to leave your day with me crystal clear on what you want, how to do it and feel totally confident that you can do it. If you have deep limiting beliefs or lack of confidence then this may require additional hours of EFT and NLP support to make sure you are ready to make magic happen. We can identify these on the day and I can put you in touch with some amazing people.

2.30: The remainder of the VIP Coaching Day will be spent creating a plan which will leave you empowered and ready to take clear focused action in the coming months. If appropriate I will be asking you take some form of action on the day to get the ball rolling. You are free to spend the rest of the day and even the evening here so you can crack on while motivation and clarity is high.

How to arrange your VIP Coaching Day

You can book your free coaching call here where we will get a better understanding of what you want and whether spending a day together in beautiful Somerset will help. I look forward to talking to you soon…

What happens your VIP Coaching Day?

Accountability is KEY in making things happen so we will arrange a one hour follow up call after our day together (we will decide how long you need to take action) so that I can hold you accountable and offer you any support. If you would like on-going accountability then you may be interested in my Business Mastermind Group 

or if 1-2-1 support is more your thing you can perhaps extend the support with a small business coaching package to keep you focused and moving forward on those dreams.

or you may feel so alive and ready for action that you feel ready to tackle it alone.

What ever is right for you is right for me.