The Struggle Of Too Many Ideas

The Struggle Of Too Many Ideas

Hello lovely,

You may have noticed that I have a busy mind. I am always coming up with
new ideas. Literally every car journey I am so excited to get to my
destination so I can make notes of the life changing idea I had in the car.

I know I am biased but they are all REALLY good ideas…if I could sell
ideas I think I would be a very wealthy woman. Each one blows me away, and
all I want to do is implement things and get them out as I know it will
make a big change in the world.

I see others who have this EXACT same skill/problem so I know I am not

And this is the issue…it should be a skill…a blessing…a total

BUT it can be a nuisance which keeps you poor and constantly battling
between which idea you will action today.

This is totally exhausting, frustrating and can be soul destroying if you
do not handle it properly.

I don’t have all the answers, but I know the thing we can’t do is just “pick
one thing”. I have tried that and it sends me down a black hole as I
feel I have had to choose a child and am left mourning all the ones I had
to let go.

But I also know that going after a different idea a day is never going to
work as while I can implement an idea a day, I can’t market it. I can’t
get eyes on it and I can’t get the traction behind it which you need for it
to take hold.

And this is where the issue comes from in my eyes.

As creatives we are business ideas people. We CREATE things. Our Zone of
Genius is in creating things, NOT marketing the things we created on

YES, we can fool ourselves into thinking that marketing is creative but when
you have to do the same thing over and over again (replace with the words
BE CONSISTENT!) you lose that creativity that drives your soul.

So this is a BIG issue.

We have an idea. We LOVE bringing that idea to life and then BOOM…that
idea becomes done and dull just in time for a new idea to come and woo us
off our feet.

We end up in this circle of creating ideas and then letting them fizz into

SO I have an idea which I DESPERATELY want to go the full hog with, just
like I did with The Keepsake Co.

I know I have kept a business baby alive for 16 years and so I know I
can do it again but I need to revisit what kept my desire burning all those
years with that and apply the same thinking to this.

I will keep you posted as always, as I know you get it too.

All I will say is I am the most chaotic, butterfly brained person you will
ever meet and if I can sustain a business for that long then you can too…
we just need to be smart about it before we burn out completely.

With love
Victoria xxx

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