The Peacock Story

Why Peacocks I hear you ask? Suddenly it is all about the peacocks over here…even my 7 yr old asked me “Mummy? Why do you love feathers so much and are putting them all over your work?” 

Well you see, these beautiful feathers and the image of a peacock came through as I was doing a re-branding exercise with an incredible lady called Dee. As soon as she said that she had this image of a peacock and wasn’t sure why, but had to tell me…a massive light bulb went off in my mind. 

It took me back to my childhood when I used to visit my grandparents’ garden looking for peacock feathers, and would gather them up to frame them or display them. I was only young but was mesmerised by their beauty. How could something so natural be so beautiful? How did nature create all of those colours? And yes, my grandparents had two peacocks in their garden…no idea why, and unfortunately they are not here anymore to tell me the story, which makes me sad. 

After this chat with Dee I started googling peacocks, and the ‘meaning’ behind them contained EVERYTHING I was trying to say. Previously we had worked on my values. So I was thinking about the core essence of who I am and where I stand firm and what I wanted my new brand to be, and the peacock seemed to mirror these values perfectly. Both on paper and metaphorically. 

You can read more about this over HERE

The more I started to play with the words and imagery to do with the peacock, everything seemed to fall into place. I love things looking neat and pulling together, and I really felt this helped. When I started working with Dee I said to her that the only thing I wanted was for it to all to pull together and make sense. And here I am. Writing about how my new brand found me and how I couldn’t be any happier. 

You see the Peacock is completely beautiful. It does not worry if you think so or not. It is just happy to fan out its feathers and put on a beautiful display.

The peacock, even though it is completely unique,  is all that it is, takes up all the space it wants and is unapologetic about it. It is not chasing you, trying to get you to look. It stands, does its thing and then attracts what it wants. 

It just trusts. It is not flapping about to be noticed, but simply stands there with a peaceful grace which we can learn so much from. 

BUT what I love the most about this analogy is that even though it exists as one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet, it is not afraid to fearlessly protect its boundaries. If you cross its line, the peacock will not stand for it and will viciously attack…even if you are triple its size. 

It is acting from inside. It does not stop to think whether it is a fight it can win. It just knows that you have crossed a line and that this is not ok. So it demonstrates and makes sure you know, so that you never cross that line again. 

I LOVE this.

Something so elegant and beautiful, with a sharp little edge to let people know to not mistake its calmness with weakness. I think we can learn a lot from the Peacock. 

It is unshakable in its confidence, and this is what I want for you. 

To go from uncertainty, feeling unsettled and basically feeling lost in this crazy world and stepping into who you are at your core regardless of what people may think. To feel so secure in your own body and soul that nothing else matters. From this unshakable confidence in all that you are, comes miracles and this is what I want for you.