The Peacock Process: 7 Simple Steps

The Peacock Process: 7 Simple Steps

Through getting clear on my own journey and how I ended up literally living my dream, I have mapped out something incredibly beautiful which happens to tie in with peacocks perfectly. My good friend, and incredible brand mentor, said to me that she wasn’t sure why but she had visions of peacocks and felt she needed to tell me. It was like it all clicked on so many levels. I owe so much to my grandfather, who has helped me in so many ways, and I used to spend hours as a youngster in his garden, collecting feathers from his two peacocks. I even framed them. I used to marvel at the birds as they displayed their amazing feathers, and they hold incredibly dear memories for me. I had forgotten all of this, or felt it quite insignificant, until Dee mentioned these incredible birds. 

I then googled, as you do, the meaning of peacocks and it blew me away. All the values I had written down as an anchor for my branding was wrapped up in this incredible bird. It was strong yet beautiful but so so much more. Here is a snap shot of what was said over on 

Symbolic Peacock Meanings

  • Glory
  • Regal
  • Vision
  • Royalty
  • Freedom
  • Attraction
  • Expression
  • Spirituality
  • Awakening
  • Immortality
  • Refinement
  • Incorruptibility

And on another site it said: 

  • Self-Esteem
  • Humor
  • Vision
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Long Life
  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Enjoying Life
  • Resurrection
  • Being Well Balanced
  • Light Hearted
  • Self-love

The peacock is a colourful symbol of transformation. Like the phoenix, the peacock can remind us that we can rise out of our darkest moments. It’s a metaphor that speaks about dying to the ego-self, and being reborn into a new life of awareness, spirituality and illumination. 

Of course, the ego isn’t a bad thing, as the peacock clearly indicates. There’s a reason somebody cooked up that phrase, “proud as a peacock”. If you watch a male – they are about as cocky as they come. It’s all about showing off and wooing the ladies. It takes a lot of brass to attract a bevy of beautiful peahens. This is a symbolic nod to us encouraging us to get some hustle in our bustle. Peacock reminds us sometimes it’s totally okay to flaunt our stuff and show off our skills. This is particularly true in situations when we want to gain attention for our betterment. Peacock energy can remind us we are amazing, and we should fan out our assets to land the opportunities we are seeking.

There is so much more to this, and if you are interested you could also search the meaning of peacocks, but for me it was the perfect symbol! It  signifies the strength I want my clients to have as they step into their unshakable confidence. Yet I also want that soft spiritual element, which I believe can’t be left behind anymore, since the human race is being called on to awaken . Peacocks also symbolise freedom, which is my leading value, and incorruptibility, which it super important as I can’t tolerate anything dishonest, as I can see straight through it. 

I looked at all the steps which have led me through some unsettled times and landed me where I am now – experiencing the most incredible life, where I frequently feel the need to pinch myself to ensure I am not dreaming! I took these steps and I have made this happen for myself. And it all fitted into PEACOCK perfectly…I do like it when it all comes together 😉 

So here are the Peacock Principles which underpin everything which I KNOW works. I know it works as I have experienced it, studied it and am so excited to share it.  

The 7 steps to go from unsettled to unshakable ..: stop hiding in the shadows and show the world all that you are. 

  1. Practical principles (get started with my Stronger Than Thought Online Experience HERE) 
  2. Elevate your energy
  3. Awaken and clear what is holding you back
  4. Clarity of vision and purpose 
  5. Opportunity dating 
  6. Commitment to make the change. 
  7. Knowledge and support to make it happen 

If you are ready to be more PEACOCK, but need some support to break lifelong patterns, please start with the Stronger Than Thought Online Experience, to make sure the fundamental principles sit well with you and then hop on the waitlist for The Peacocks Nest. This will open up access to in person meet-ups, retreats, group mentoring and practical tools as well as beautiful peacock inspired gifts to help remind you that you are truly special and deserve all that you want. 

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