10 reasons why a term-time business strategy will save a Mum’s sanity (what is left of it!)

10 reasons why a term-time business strategy will save a Mum’s sanity (what is left of it!)

Are you up to your eyes trying to keep the kids happy over this long holiday while trying to keep your business afloat? Do the holidays fill you with dread and worry on how you are going to get it all done? If so then I was JUST like you until I developed my term time business strategy. I now enjoy work time and holiday time GUILT free while taking my productivity up a notch.. read on to find out more about the benefits of term time working for Mums in business and how it could literally save your sanity. Grab the free planner to help you plan out your business in 6 week sprints  here

OK so I have been in business for around 14 years. Am I the only one to lose track of how old I am and what day of the week it is? But whether it is 13 or 16 years… it is a jolly long time and have learnt HEAPS which I love sharing with you. I have only been a Mum in business for 4 (and a bit) of those years and have to say that when I added in that new dimension of being responsible for someone else everything changed (i.e. got a lot harder!!)

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I have been on a term time cycle as I am married to a Teacher so I barely see him during the term time and then he is around 24/7 during the holidays. Before kids I used to just carry on as normal and he would get frustrated on his own as he wanted to be doing stuff in the holidays but I had “too much work” in order to take time off to play OR I would take the time off with him and then stress that I was behind in my work. What an idiot I was (ok not an idiot as I had a great business which kept me busy but wow I wish I knew what I knew now as we could have had those long stretches of time to travel around the world without two cheekie monkeys in tow which adds a whole lot of stress to the simplest of ‘breaks’ let alone traveling around the world!)

Anyway here are 10 reasons why I believe this new way of term time working which I have adopted has saved my sanity and only wish I had adopted this school holiday rhythm sooner.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 1: You can not be all things to all people ALL of the time

So before term time working I would be trying to run the business full time and be a mum full time, all in the same day. It meant I was falling apart at the seams as you literally can not wear all the hats at the same time without some or all of them falling off (or looking very silly – I have the photo to prove it!)

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 2: You save energy from having to switch between modes throughout the day

Because you have set work times where you know you have to get boat loads done before the timer goes off it creates that faux deadline effect (ever got more done just before a holiday than you did the week before because it HAD to be done before you left?)  Having to sway between being a mummy and being a business super hero is EXHAUSTING. So do each one for proper stretches of time and don’t chop and change multiple times in the day (unless it is a conscious decision and you know when your breaks are.) The whole ‘having your mind in one thing’ and then being pulled in another direction kills productivity dead. You start to wonder why you bothered sitting down in the first place and then resent both sides of the coin equally.  If you don’t have stretches of time without kids available to you then do what you can to make this happen for you (swaps with mum friends, family, childcare or set your alarm early/work in the evening) Whatever you do … treat your work time as work time and your home time as home time. The more you can get used to ‘clocking off’ completely the less tired you will feel as you will be doing the energy morph less throughout the day.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 3: You feel less guilty

So by working hard for 6 week sprints (as I call them!) it means that you can work guilt free on your business as hard as you like as you know you are 6 weeks at most away from having some amazing quality time with your family. This is BECAUSE you have done all that work up front in the previous 6 weeks like the amazing business owner that you are. The guilt sort of vanishes as you are working hard in order to give your kiddos amazing family time instead of having one eye on them and one eye on your laptop/phone 52 weeks of the year.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 4: You get more (of the right stuff!) done

Because you know you have 6 weeks to make a tone of money so you can relax over the holiday OR you have 6 weeks to get that project finished or it will seep into next term you get far more done than when you do not set those time limits on yourself. When you just work for 52 weeks of the year it often does not matter if a project takes that long as there is no incentive to get it off your list. When you are a mum it is super easy to get caught up with ‘stuff’ and things slide.This does not seem to happen when you work like this as you know the more you get done now.. the more you can kick back and relax later. Your ‘why’ for working becomes so much stronger.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 5: You finish the projects you start.

By working in this way then you actually finish off your projects instead of letting them linger as you are keen to crack on to the next shiny new projects in the next term. There is nothing like the feeling of a fresh new term to get you super excited about new opportunities.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 6: You are less stressed

Because you are working to a plan and a strict timescale you feel less stressed as you know it is all in the plan and your only job is to execute it. You are not trying to be all things to all people at all times as you have a lovely rhythm to follow which ensures you have 13 quality weeks with your family (and weekends!!) while giving you 36 amazing, high productive weeks to get amazing things done in your business. When you know you have it all sorted the stress slips away.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 7: You are less overwhelmed

Because you know you only have 6 weeks to get your goals and projects done then you are less likely to get distracted by shiny objects. You just add them to your car-park and you can review them at the next termly review and see if it fits with your bigger plan.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 8: You make better decisions

Because you check in with the big vision EVERY TERM and are working from a plan which supports this then your decisions become easier and far more aligned to what it is you REALLY want and you are less likely to get caught up in a side lane which takes you nowhere.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 9: You get the New Year feeling 6 times a year

If you are like me then a new year represents new opportunities and possibilities. A fresh new 12 months to make magic happen. We set ourselves new goals, new habits and a exciting new outlook. Why wait until January to do this. You can do this 6 times a year when working in this way as you have 6 fresh new terms each and every year.

Term Time Business Strategy Benefit 10: Feel more refreshed and have more time for you

Often when working 52 weeks a year without this sort of structure in place we forget about ourselves. The beauty of working in this way is that there are a few weeks in the plan where the kids are at school AND you have no work scheduled. These fall in the 7-8 week terms but you can shuffle about to make it work for you. As you have followed the plan and know you have time for everyone then you also know you have time for YOU during these unscheduled weeks. So book into a spa, grab lunch with a friend or go back to bed after the school run with a good book. The thing is that you can do this guilt free because you have everything else in hand.

To be honest I could keep writing and writing this list and perhaps will do a second version BUT this just shows a few of the many benefits to working in this rhythm. Why try and work against the School term as if it is ruining your life when actually it comes with so many blessings. It gives you time as a family to kick back, relax and enjoy each other’s company and helps you structure your work in a much more focused and productive way. Talk about win win!

Business Planner for mums in businessWhat could you get done in the next 6 week term which would make a MASSIVE difference in your business and your life. Lets work together in getting as much as you can done over the next 6 week term so you can take those 2 weeks off from your business over Christmas GUILT FREE – grab my FREE 6 week business success planner here and find out about my free weekly term time planning sessions where I help you fill in your workbook each and every week.

OR if you are all fired up and ready to work with a an amazing group of business owners who are all working in this way so you have a ready made structure and the following benefits

  1. Weekly Q&A clinics led by industry experts during term time to get your questions answered
  2. Monthly masterminds (2 per term) to set your goals and let the angels hold you accountable to do the things you know you need to do to grow your business
  3. Active Facebook community offering you daily support whenever you need it and to pic you up during those inevitable wobbles.
  4. Large training and resource database so you can find the ‘how’ when you work out the ‘what’ and the ‘why’

then hop and join The MORE Mastermind for the next term starting in September and lets work together to give you the life you dream of (and not one of constant struggle). It is only £297+VAT per 6 week term and I PROMISE it will change the way you work FOREVER!! Juggling my business and family life used to get me down… now I LOVE each and every term and holiday as they all seem like a fresh new start full of possibilities. You can find out more about the mastermind HERE

With love,

Victoria x

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