Episode 30 with Susan: Confidence, Self-belief and deserving using EFT

Episode 30 with Susan: Confidence, Self-belief and deserving using EFT

On today’s School Run Podcast we are joined by Susan Cowe Miller with a voicemail titled “Confidence, Self-belief and deserving using EFT”

Before we start, here is a little bit about Susan:

Susan shares some information around how we can re-ignite Confidence by tweaking and clearing our belief system and our self-sabotage tendencies.
She is talking to all mums at whatever stage you’re at whilst juggling all that you strive to do.
Her past career was in primary teaching but 3 slam bang emotional traumas led her to becoming and an EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner; a REAL Confidence Guide. It also prompted her to write the book she never thought she would write: Survive and Thrive after Trauma.’
She loves working with those who are ready to take charge of their life and live it;
ready to MOVE ON from an obstacle which may have instilled hesitancy, doubt or just plain fear.
She loves honesty and feel delight when a client moves beyond a fear because it’s fear which stops us in our tracks.

To listen to today’s episode please press play below:

If you would like to hear more from Susan then you can find out more at http://www.hampshire-eft.co.uk.

Her Free downloads can be found on her website: Hampshire-EFT.co.uk . You can request Susan’s FREE mp3, Top Tips and Tapping resource. (Remember to use your own key words when doing the tapping).

She also has 2 Online Home Study programmes:
1. Stop procrastinating, Start doing – Self-discovery and releasing restrictions.
2. I’m Ready to MOVE ON – for those ready to stop wasting any more time after divorce or relationship distress.

Thanks so much to today’s special guest and of course you for listening 🙂

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