Where do you store your dreams? A Dream Book of-course!

Where do you store your dreams? A Dream Book of-course!

OK so I have a dream a day or so it seams… this can be exciting but also exhausting. It is my greatest gift and yet has felt like a fundamental flaw for such a long time.

I feel this is the curse of the creative entrepreneur. We are born creative. We think creative. We live creative.  Sticking to just one thing for the rest of our lives is like being asked to live without oxygen. We don’t do boredom, standing still or just settling. There is always a way to build, grow and make our lives amazing and while there is air in our lungs there is an idea ready to hatch.

This goes against the ‘pick one’ thing and become the expert advice of so many people. I have had many coaches and very few really get this infliction of mine. I openly joke about my ‘butterfly brain’ but it is far more than this. For some it seems such an easy concept: Just focus on one thing, do it well and be successful. The thing is that I don’t want success if it means sacrificing all my ideas… what if there is a way to make all my dreams come true without losing myself under the weight of the world. What if I could successfully bring 20 businesses to market? Why should I choose just one simply because that is sound advice? In life it is the rule breakers, the people who challenge the status quo and put themselves out on a limb who are the ones who make the difference.

I was at a conference recently and the advice was to be brave… what if for me being brave is to own all my ideas and to just grow the team around me to help implement them and bring these ideas to life. I believe you can’t do it all yourself and this is where we (the ideas people!) may go wrong.

If we are trying to be the marketer, the admin, the support and the tea maker for ALL our ideas then we are sure to come unstuck… but what if I built a marketing and support team which can help launch all my ideas one by one.. each with their own specialism and vitally important role in the wheel of life for business. For some just one idea/business is enough but for people like me it is like a form of torture. Each time you have an idea and leave it alone it gets louder and louder until you face a migraine and you have no choice but to hide under the duvet. Until your life starts to fall apart at the seams as you are ignoring the thing which gives you your oxygen.

I know this sounds dramatic but it is true. I totally fall apart each and every time when I start to restrict my ideas. These ideas are landing on us for a reason and it is our responsibility to pay them attention. Not to do something with each one but to atleast acknowledge it, give it a nod and either commit to do something more or lovingly send it on its way. Ignoring them makes them shout louder… just think about a toddler asking for you attention… the only way to make the “Mummmmmyyyyyy’ stop is to pay them some attention. Relentless is not the word 😉

I do have one caveat here though… you should focus on one thing at a time and bring it to a close, or get it to a place where it can stand by it’s self, before moving on. This is where our dream books come in. So we can look after those dreams, water them and give them life before bringing them into a reality.

My dream book: I have bought a plain (un-lined) a4 (very pretty!) book and will take a double spread per idea. I will explore, detail and indulge in any idea that comes to me. It may be that I schedule an ideas to look at more in the future and use it as motivation to finish my current product OR in that process I am able to let the idea go so it can land on someone else’s shoulder who is in a position to make it happen. We can’t make everything happen but I do think we are capable of more than we give ourselves capable of.

We live with this virtual funnel which we use to restrict what enters our lives. What we believe we are capable will ultimately determine the size of the funnel and how many ideas we allow into it. What we have at the other end is a bucket. Again this bucket if it is just you will overflow if too much goes through it BUT you can make this bucket bigger so you can make your funnel bigger in the following ways:

  • Automation
  • Outsourcing
  • Working in a team
  • Joint ventures
  • Self development

However this post is not about that but about creating your own dream book. I encourage you to also start a dream book for you to start capturing ALL those ideas on paper. Indulge in expanding, exploring and loosing yourself in the delicious feeling of a new idea without fear or guilt.  When these new ideas eat away at us in the background without exploring them properly it can lead to impulse or depression as we are restricting our flow. Allowing ourselves to open ourselves and the ideas inside of us onto paper so we can process them properly. So it is not about actioning all ideas as they come in but capturing and coloring them in to help us in our decision process of which idea to bring to life next.

It is also important to note that if you leave a ‘flat’ project unfinished or in your eyes it ‘failed’ then that this is not a bad thing. It means that you have given all the time you need to that project and it is not serving you any more. You got what you needed. This may be obvious or on a very deep subconscious level. Don’t question the process. Don’t beat yourself us. Just know that you are following the path laid out for you. You are listening to the whispers and giving them space to land. Just because you start a project does not mean you have to finish it. If it is not working for you as you had hoped then let it go to make space for more of what will work for you. What you will have learnt will be far greater than if you tie yourself with handcuffs to an idea which drains rather than inspires you.

Let yourself dream freely you wonderful lady and in exchange your dreams will be free to grow.

With love as always,

Victoria x

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