STOP comparing… there is no one better than you (even Deborah Meaden)

STOP comparing… there is no one better than you (even Deborah Meaden)

I catching up on Dragons Den the other evening as I love to see how many crazy/brilliant/brave entrepreneurs there are out there who are willing to invest EVERYTHING they have into making their dreams come true. Some are just beginning, others have been trying for years.

I almost applied when I was about 3 years into building The Keepsake Co… filled in the paperwork and everything but my Mum convinced me not to. I think she was right.. I was just tooooo sensitive to put myself into that position BUT never say never 😉

Anyway, I was watching an episode and a wonderful lady stood up in front of everyone and did her pitch. She had a very successful business by the looks of it. Along the way she made a comment that the reason she wanted investment was that the Dragons were so much better than her.

With this Deborah Meaden shot back REALLY quite cross and said something along the lines of “NEVER say that anyone is better than you. They may have more experience but NEVER better”

She seemed really quite furious with the lady in that moment.

And here is the thing. Debrah was so right. There is no one in this world who is better than  you… it is just that they may have had more experience than you. Experience could come from having longer in the game, more money to invest so can experience things quicker, a friend or mentor who is sharing their experience with them…..

But experience does not make some one better. EVER.

So next time you catch yourself comparing what you have done to someone else.


They are not better (NO WAY!) they just have more experience and all you have to do is carry on so you gain the same level of experience as them.

YOU ARE JUST AS GOOD AND JUST AS WORTHY AS ANYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD… so stop comparing and simply focus on your own game as this is all that truly matters… AND it is the only way you will gain the experience you need.

With love as always,

Victoria x

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