Sometimes you just have to put your big girls pants on!

Sometimes you just have to put your big girls pants on!

So the first of my March Vlogs… I’m hoping I will finish this month on a high but at the moment I’m pretty feeling pretty crap about almost everything!! And I’m not sharing because I want any sympathy but I think it’s important for us to start saying that we aren’t alone in our struggles.

That life can be really tough and just because you’re finding it tough doesn’t mean that we are failing in any way…. it’s just that we have the courage to admit that we struggling when sometimes other people don’t.

Weirdly I feel stronger when I meet someone else who is struggling because I know it’s not just me and that together we can become stronger and make an amazing difference. But if you’re struggling alone then we become isolated and we start doubting ourselves and our place in the world.

It’s okay to struggle. It’s normal to struggle. You don’t have to struggle forever but you’re also never going to sail through life without any struggle… It’s part of life. It’s how we enjoy the highs because without the lows there would be no highs.

It’s about being kind to yourself and understanding everyone is on the same journey.

You are not weak my lovely if you feel it’s a struggle, you are just bloody normal.

Big love to you.

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