My Social Media Strategy For Busy Mums in Business

My Social Media Strategy For Busy Mums in Business

*Disclaimer – I am not a marketing professional but a business owner who is implementing these strategies in the real world (i.e. where we are often time poor and therefor done yet imperfect is often better than perfect but never finished) If you would like marketing advice about what and when to post then you should speak to Veronica Pullen and Julia Bramble who are both experts in this field and who I can personally vouch for. Or for Blogging advice you can join Sarah Arrows 30 Day blogging challenge here as she is a super star in this field. This post (and my blog!) is about taking what we know we need to do and creating a clever system to make sure it gets done with as little work as possible  – that is what I am an expert in 😉

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 09.54.29This would obviously work for everyone but as a solid supporter of Mums in business (and being one myself!) I have written it with Mum’s in mind. To be honest though if you are busy, struggling to keep on top of your social media sharing and feel your old content is left to gather dust on a shelf in a library which no one ever walks past then this is for you. I honestly feel I can ‘do’ social media now with this up my sleeve. I only set this up on Monday (it is Thursday) so am in refinement mode but wanted to get this out there so it could be helping people ASAP.

I spent all last night on Canva to create a visual representation of my Social Media Strategy which you can see in the image to the right to get the gist. If you would like a full PDF to print out with added tips then I can email it to you now – just click the button below:

Click here to claim for your FREE blueprint   


I do however realize that this could look a bit overwhelming. The important thing to note though is that any green is automated so after you have been through set up phase you can forget about that and focus on the orange parts and engagement which is where the magic happens on Social Media. Since I have implemented this my subscriptions have gone up already as I am more visible and I am also remembering (well my system is!) to share my content and lead magnets which I never did before *hides in shame!* so what hope did I have of getting leads!

Now as with anything, adopting this social media strategy will require some upfront investment but not a massive amount. Remember I have done this in 4 days (and haven’t worked very much during this time if I am honest),  plus I have been working it all out for myself which you don’t need to. The thing I love about automation is that the work you put in now will save you so much more time in exchange. I see automation as an investment in your future. We all know the one thing we are short of is time and is also the one thing which when ‘spent’ is gone forever. By investing in your time, as you do your bank account, you will gain so much more. If you spent 4 hours today investing in a system which saves you only an hour a week then after the month is through you are in credit and every following week you gain an hours ‘interest’ . Imagine if you did lots of things which saved you an hour each week… what could you spend that time on?

Not only does it save you time but it also boosts your credibility, makes you look super professional, helps you look on-top of your game as you are consistent on your social media. This will naturally result in more sales as you will have more time to spend on winning the business through engagement.

So what have I actually done? I hear you cry…

First you need the following tools:

The Tools I Used

  • Buffer (Essential but does have a free plan)
  • IFTTT/Zapier (I have a preference but both work)
  • Google Calendar (You may be able to use other calendars but this is the best!)
  • Google Mail (I LOVE Gmail…and you can use it with any private email address you have)
  • Mailchimp (I am sure it will work with other email systems but this is my favourite)
  • WordPress (not sure if it will work with other sites. You can automate some but WordPress makes it very easy!) I have a free 7 day website course here if you wanted to set one up quickly!
  • Lead Pages (not essential but blinking fantastic!)
  • This isn’t a tool but if writing blog content worries you then start Sarah Arrows 30 Day blog challenge and get some amazing support and advice in getting started with blogging for business. As it all hinges off our blog then this is super important! Register here

I thought it would be best if I filmed a little video for you to talk through how I use the tools above to create the flow I show in the handout which you can download via the button below. Please take pity on me though – I rushed to make the video live and forgot to edit it so here it is in the ‘raw’ with email notifications and all! 

Click here to claim for your FREE blueprint


I hope you find this as exciting as I did when I first discovered what was possible!! If you would like my help in implementing this in your business please do get in touch at or email ASAP and let me know your biggest struggle on Social Media to see if this will help. 

I am putting together a training course and am looking for a small group of serious business owners who would love nothing more than having a big proportion of their social media automated like this to pilot the course.  I will be sharing all the lessons I have learnt setting it up for myself so you see your results sooner.   For instance I wasted 5 hours setting it all up in the wrong tool first of all and also have learnt loads about how to get your images to share from your calendar etc.

Honestly, It is all very easy when you know how 🙂

Have fun,

Victoria x

PS: I would love to know your biggest take away in the comment below

PPS: Don’t forget to claim your free printable of my workflow with some added notes via the button below: Click here to claim for your FREE blueprint

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