Boost Your Reach Online & Save Hours

Boost Your Reach Online & Save Hours

Quite a bold statement hey? I am sure I could have written it a little more succinctly but then that will come later! For now I want to share how excited I am about what I am creating.

For years I have resisted social media. I am an introvert and have a creative butterfly brain which resists repetition. I would rather be dreaming up new ideas than talking about all  my old ones…

That combination is not a great one when you think about what it takes to succeed in Social Media. However, I know that if I want to be known for my blog and the work I do with helping Mums in business then I need to suck it up and get on with it. However true to form I needed to create a smarter way to ‘Do Social Media’ which works for me without loosing the social element and simply becoming a spammer which we all know will result in the cold shoulder and even exile!

I needed to develop a system which allows me to create freely while feeling safe that my content will be shared and seen as much as possible without it taking me hours every day. I needed to ensure I kept that personal feel while automating all those daily tasks which I simply forget to do. Obviously doing it by hand each and every time will always win out in the results stake BUT it is far better to automate part of it if you are like me and forget to do it every day. I think a mix is perfect!

Well I think I have done it! Now when I post a blog post (like this one) it automatically gets shared across all my platforms. All my platforms have regular (I am going to up this to hourly ASAP) updates with a mix of inspiration, sharing other people’s content which is in line with my audience, my past content, my lead magnets and any other information I want to share. I still have some refining to do but I am pretty chuffed with the results so far! So I have a natural mix on all my feeds every day without me having to stress about it. I am then free to engage in groups, support people and work with other bloggers to help increase my reach via guest blogging and sharing communities.

I also think defining my niche has helped as now instead of thinking “I must write a blog” I have a very small (but large!) area to blog about so I just want to delve into that area in detail and share my findings. My ‘thing’ is most definitely automation and using tech to save time and money. I am a firm believer that the time you invest up front will save you hours each day/week/month which will then help you live the life you love as you will not get bogged down by the detail.

I no longer need to think about what I will write about as I only have a small window to choose from.

I set up all these systems in less than a week so am thinking of running a mini programme to help you do the same. I will cover:

  • Your Blog
    • Sharing,
    • Plug ins &
    • Tracking
    • Re-marketing
  • Social Media
    • You save an image to a folder and it adds it to your queue
    • You see something you want to share and add it to your queue
    • You upload a list of all post content and add it to your queue
    • You schedule sales messages to go out at key times all within your calendar
    • You can post to your groups at set times all within your calendar
  • Email Marketing
    • Automatically email your list weekly with a ‘Weekly Round Up’ which pulls in all your latest posts and emails it to your list.
    • Tag people depending on which advert they saw you through so you can tell EXACTLY which add resulted in a lead/sale

I am typing all this up into a free blueprint and will have some early bird offers on the programme available to help me ensure I have everything covered for you. If you would like to register to receive your free blueprint and find out about the early bird offer then fill in your details below and I will be in touch soon!
Click Here to Register for your free blueprint and Early Bird Details


The Tools I Used

If you would prefer to work it all out for yourself then here are a list of the tools I am using to give you a head start on me 😉

  • Buffer (Essential but does have a free plan)
  • IFTTT/Zapier (I will cover the benefits of the one I prefer on the training)
  • Google Calendar (You may be able to use other calendars but this is the best!)
  • Google Mail (I LOVE Gmail…and you can use it with any private email address you have)
  • Mailchimp (I am sure it will work with other email systems but this is my favourite)
  • WordPress (not sure if it will work with other sites. You can automate some but WordPress makes it very easy!) I have a free 7 day website course here if you wanted to set one up quickly!
  • Lead Pages (not essential)
  • This isn’t a tool but if writing blog content worries you then start Sarah Arrows 30 Day blog challenge and get some amazing support and advice in getting started with blogging for business. Register here






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