Small Business Coaching

The Small Business Coaching market is frustratingly full of coaches who have not themselves started, let alone run, a business before. I can remember studying for NLP qualification and there was a lady who wanted to be a ‘business coach’ but didn’t have her own business. I was taken aback that this would even cross someones mind but now the market seems flooded with people who had the same idea. I therefor feel I need to stress that business is in my blood. I started The Keepsake Co 16 years ago and have taken it through many different forms while it has been my only source of income. I have loved being able to experiment with different ideas and strategies while watching the results, and business, grow into something amazing.

I am from a long line of entrepreneurs on both side of my family and my ‘reading for fun’ choices are almost always business or self development books.

I have a background in retail, e-commerce, creative businesses, technology, photography studios, pottery painting studios, keepsake businesses, jewellery businesses, blogging, franchising and more.

I believe we can achieve anything, can do it in your own way and that everything is possible when you are willing to try.

How much does Small Business Coaching cost?

I no longer offer one off coaching sessions as I like to work with people at a deeper level. An hour is not long enough for me to get to understand you, your business and your amazing vision in all it’s glory. If we are going to work together then I want to step in there with you and help you do what your heart truly desires. For that to happen we need to go through a process together.

I would recommend starting off with a VIP Coaching Day but it is not essential. It just gives us a chance to really connect so I can become part of your vision.

1-2-1 business coaching packages start at £497+vat a month where we will agree a WIG (Widley Important Goal) and then work together each month (virtually) where we will take action on your business towards this WIG. This will take the shape of a monthly virtual Action Day (10-3) with an hour for lunch. We will also have a one hour call midway through the month to check on progress.

I can do techie things for you and help you do what you do best. Together we can cover ALOT of ground and is amazing how much more productive you can be when working with someone in a focused amount of time against a focused  plan. If appropriate I will pull in some of my team to assist too. You will have unlimited access to my developer to work on our chosen project if it is a technical project such as a new website or funnel.

I want all my 1-2-1 clients to succeed beyond their wildest dreams so you will also be given an access all areas pass to AND 

I can’t afford 1-2-1 business coaching… is there another option?

Yes! If you are not at the stage in your business where you can justify the investment of 1-2-1 coaching then I would look at group coaching which takes the form of my MORE Mastermind. It is a VERY small group of businesses which I work together closely as a group. Find out more here.

The next step to arranging some small business coaching…

If you are looking for small business coaching then I would like to put myself forward and would love a chance to chat on the phone to find out if we could work well together. You can book a free coaching call here where we will get a better understanding of what you need from your small business coach and if I can help with that.