The ‘Stronger Than Thought’ Intention Setting Bracelet


This is not just a bracelet. This is a full experience in a little box which will take you through the ritual of getting clear on your intentions and then locking them in place in a physical way. What you will be creating is an ‘anchor’ which will gently remind you throughout the day of your intention or goal by using three of your senses. Touch, Sight and Smell.  If there is something you want to achieve or experience in life then give yourself the “gift of you”  and wait for miracles.  The “Gift Of You” bracelet makes an incredible gift for loved ones too, showing them that you believe in them and all that they want to create in the world.


Share The Love

Read more about this concept further down the page but the idea is for each bracelet sold we want to gift a similar bracelet to someone who needs to know they are not alone in this world and that they are loved. This can be someone you know or we can gift it on your behalf.


Group Intention Setting Bracelet Kits

Please note that the group kits come in one box. You will all receive the same materials and individual access to the training but it will be in one box as our intention is that you all create the intention setting bracelet together and we wish to be mindful of our packaging. It also helps us keep our costs down allowing you all to receive a generous discount on setting your intentions together.


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As a human we all have dreams.  But a dream will always be a dream without a clear intention and a firm commitment to wanting to make it happen. This is what this Intention Setting Bracelet is here to help you with. To take you from not really knowing what you want through to locking in a clear goal and creating an anchor which will remind you frequently just what you want. It will catch your attention through the day as you spot it in the corner of your eye, you smell the beautiful aromatherapy oil or you fiddle with the beads as you stare into the distance as your mind lands on all that you want in this life time.

This is not just an Intention Setting Bracelet though. This is backed by a full training portal which will help you from choosing the right intention through to how you actually make your jewellery in our carefully planned out little creative ritual. What this clever little package does is focus your mind in a mediative way as you thread the beads and add on your oil. You even have the option to include your loved ones in the process and ask them to lock in your dreams with you.

Giving Back 

When I created this product I wanted to ensure that it gave back to all of those out there who are struggling to get to the point in which they dare to even believe that life could get better for them.  With this in mind when you gift yourself a bracelet you will have the option to either be sent a small bracelet to give to a loved one who is having a tough time believing in themselves or we can gift it on your behalf. Basically giving yourself the gift of you with this Intention Setting Bracelet will also fund a little bracelet which tells someone who needs to hear it that they are not alone. That they are loved and that they are worth fighting for. To hopefully give them just a little more belief in the fact that this will pass for them and better times are on the way.  As they wear their little bracelet they will know that there is goodness in the world and that their dreams are waiting for them just like yours are for you.

Group Sessions

We love the idea of people gathering in little circles to create their bracelet together. To share their intentions in a safe space and to come together as you hold each other lovingly to account as you go about taking aligned action towards your individual goals. This is our intention for our jewellery that instead of giving the gift of you to yourself that you involve your friends too and give them the ultimate gift while ensuring that you are not doing this alone. You will receive a generous discount by doing this as a group and will not only be fun but could turn out to be life changing. Why not buy a group kit as a gift to all your friends and invite them over for a coffee (or wine) and spend the evening celebrating each and every one of you. We are also looking for people who love this concept to become hosts and to gather people locally as a way of earning some additional income. If this sounds like something you would like to do then please reach out.

What is included in an Intention Setting Bracelet Kit?

  • Bracelet. This is at the core of the kit. A very simple cord with a feather charm attached by us. We lock the lucky charm in place with a simple knot and then meditate with it while we hold our intention of supporting you remotely of achieving whatever is in you heart. Before you receive your intention setting bracelet our wish is that it has already been touched with positive intention and charged with a loving supportive energy. This bracelet is simple as it is designed to fall away when the intention has been heard or even manifested in the real world. In the training we cover why it is important to allow things to fall away with love and this simple demonstration of accepting the loss of our bracelet as a sign that magic is on it’s way is a great metaphor for life.
  • Lava Beads. A gift from the centre of the earth showing how much beauty can come from the most explosive of times. These gorgeous beads also act as little diffusers for your aromatherapy oil.
  • Aromatherapy Oil. We will chose a monthly sent which we will include just enough of to add to your beads. This small will follow you around and remind you of your intentions which you set. This is an Aroma Anchor
  • Mini Journal. A small little booklet for you to journal around your intentions and what it is you want to happen in your life. There is nothing like putting pen to paper to gain clarity around what you want in life.
  • Wallet Card. A small card which we include for you to capture your intention as an affirmation and for you to carry around with you in your purse or handbag. Or perhaps leave it by the bathroom mirror. Anywhere to remind you of what it is you want and to take you to the feeling of already having it in your life.
  • Free video training  taking you through journalling, intention setting and how to actually make your intention setting bracelet with your new kit.


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Size of group

Just me, A Close Friend & I, A Circle of 4, A Circle of 8


I Know Someone Who Needs to Hear This, Please Gift On My Behalf


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