Scheduling GMail Emails with Boomerang

Scheduling GMail Emails with Boomerang

If email is taking over your life then here is one handy tool to help you take control of your inbox. I am very new to it so will aim to do a little training vid and add to this post soon but for now all you need to know is that it is free and allows you to schedule when to send your emails. This is great as you can work on clearing your inbox without the nightmare of email replies clogging it back up as quickly as you can type. Take it from me there is nothing more satisfying than an empty inbox and I would love for you to experience this joy too!

The other way it helps you get your inbox down to zero is for you to ‘archive’ emails which you don’t need to see now but perhaps need to action at a time in the future and then when the time comes it adds it back into your inbox, at the top and marked as un-read so you action it when you need to and not before.

To become productive you NEED to keep your inbox clear and stop using it as a storage device and I think this is a great step towards achieving that 🙂

The site is and as I say it is free 🙂

Enjoy! V x

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