Episode 33: Victoria explains the importance of sacrifice in success

Episode 33: Victoria explains the importance of sacrifice in success

Are you ready to give up something you love NOW to get something you want even more later? If you are not then perhaps your dream is not quite as exiting as it needs to be. By looking at the sacrifices you need to make now, to follow your dream will hopefully open up your eyes to what is stopping you from making progress.

Often by looking at what we need to give up we somehow face it head on and accept it more easily and that it is an inevitable part of chasing your dream. If we don’t outwardly accept it then we may resist success without even knowing we are doing it. We could self-sabotage to protect us from having to give up the stuff we enjoy now.

Nothing is forever, most sacrifices will be temporary but it is important you accept that you are happy to make them now in order to have what you want in the future.

You really do need such a strong vision of what life will be like when you make it… it will make giving up the things you enjoy now much easier!

For me at the moment I am sacrificing sleep so I can enjoy time with my children and run a successful business. I set my alarm for 5am so I can fit more into my day. If I wasn’t so exited about what was coming then there is no way I would be so willing to sacrifice my much needed sleep!

I know it is not easy but it is soooooooo worth it 🙂

Here is today’s episode

V xx

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