Q: Why is my YouTube Artwork is not saving?

Q: Why is my YouTube Artwork is not saving?


OK this stumped me at first and then quite bizarrely someone in one of my networking groups had the exact same issue at the exact same time and was clever enough to ask for help rather than sit there for an hour and keep trying (don’t they say the first sign of madness is to keep trying the same thing over and over but expecting different results? Well I was certainly showing signs of madness on this instance!)

Unfortunately YouTube does not show you any error message – it just doesn’t save the artwork to your account. I used Canva.com to create my artwork which is super super easy to do as they have their own template BUT they download at over 2MB and the maximum file size YouTube allows is 2MB so I took my Canva artwork and opened it in Pixlr.com and then just clicked ‘save’ and selected to save it as a JPG which was well under the 2MB limit. It then uploaded and saved first time to YouTube – easy when you know how hey 😉

Oh and a little tip on creating your YouTube artwork – Make sure your main image or message is in the middle of the template as on the main website it only shows the middle banner. Here is mine to show you what I mean…

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 09.38.42

Here is a little video I recorded to help:



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