Newsletter: Did you see my Poem?

Newsletter: Did you see my Poem?

Hello lovely!

OK.. So yesterday I was hit with inspiration and ended up writing a poem from no-where. Wrote it in about 30 mins, recorded a video and popped it up on Social Media.

Sometimes you just have to take action when inspiration calls. I have had some great comments and people seem to like the line “You say to start the day with an hour for me…. but if I am honest I am winning if I manage a wee”

I guess that resonates with a lot of parents!!

Anyway I wanted to share it with my loyal email readers as I was working up to doing it… You see I find it easy to pop a post on FB, write a blog even but getting over to send an email seems to stop me. Sooooo I have developed a system which will allow me to email you all from my blog.

If you get this email then we know it has worked and I can share this with my members to help them reach more people with their amazing talents.

I would love a share of my poem and a comment if you liked it… it makes me feel less silly 😉 Perhaps it is a whole new career for me… queue a book deal… I do like to get carried away 😉

You can listen to my poem at (and if you haven’t liked my page yet I would love for you to give me the blue thumbs up too!)

With love as always

Victoria xxx

PS: I would love to hear what is inspiring you at the moment! Feel free to hit reply and let me know! We can chase our dreams together xx



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