Needle Felting Workshop in Somerset

Needle Felting Workshop in Somerset

Today we had the lovely Jo join us and teach us the magic of Needle Felting.  I have seen this craft popping up all around me so was keen to give it a go. I literally had no idea how you got from the pile of coloured wool to the really beautiful angels and snowmen that Jo was showing us but we stuck straight in.

It was a great stress reliever as you simply stuck a needle into the wool over and over again until it started to take shape. It is the little spikes on the needle which pull the wool together apparently.

So, in a nut shell,  if you wanted to make a head you would just take a ball of wool and then keep turning it while sticking in the needle over and over again. Be careful though as there were a fair few pricks to the fingers 😉

You can easily attach different shapes together and then you cover the various areas with thin layers of coloured wool.

For the angel wings we cut shapes out of felt and then needle felted over the top with the colour wool you wanted.

This workshop was only 2 hours (felt like 5 mins) so I am sure there is loads more to this creative technique but just wanted to capture the basics in-case you have been thinking of giving it a go too.

Basically it was really easy and even though we spent the first hour wondering how on earth anything would come from our lumps of wool it did all pull together at the end.

We hope to hold another one soon so if you live in Somerset and are interested in giving it a go then feel free to get in touch.

Here are some of the end results from a this wonderful group of total beginners.





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