Multipotentialite? What it is like to be one…

Multipotentialite? What it is like to be one…

So I now know I am a multipotentialite… who knew there was such a word?! 

We even have a page in Wiki giving it this description:


“An educational and psychological term referring to a pattern found among intellectually gifted individuals. [Multipotentialites] generally have diverse interests across numerous domains and may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions, they are confronted with unique decisions as a result of these choices.”

BUT For years I have struggled. I mean REALLY struggled. I felt I didn’t understand myself and that no-one else did either. I felt lost and honestly quite frustrated and at times depressed that I couldn’t seem to change these habits no matter how many books and coaches I tried.

I have been told to “Just pick one thing as people are wondering what the hell you are up to” and that “People are confused by you” oh and “People are talking about you” These phases sent me under-ground and made me super paranoid to show my face for a while. I thought everyone was staring at me expecting me stick to one thing which I simply couldn’t do.

Asking someone who is multi-passionate (or now I know a “Multipotentialite“)  to pick one thing is like asking someone to choose which hand they want to keep and which they are happy to loose. Each idea is important to us and picking one and turning our back on the others is like loosing a member of the family. Just because we have many ideas and passions it does not mean we are not just as in love with all of them as you are to your one.

This isn’t just because we can’t choose or that we lack discipline it is because it is in our DNA. We were born like this and asking us to fight our god given gift is like asking someone who can see to spend the rest of their lives with their eyes closed. Just because you don’t understand what it is like in our busy brains don’t dismiss these tendencies as flaky and discount our efforts. The struggle is real and we need your support as much as the next person.


Coaches tell me to ‘pick one thing’ so all that happens is that I end up working on one thing with them and then secretly working on my other projects in the background. I literally can not work on one thing at a time. I was born to work many projects, build many businesses and basically have a blast doing it. These coaches were obviously not a multipotentialite and so asking them to help me was wrong. It was not fair. You can only understand what is like to be a multipotentialite when you are one too.

Now I can see me for what I am and I understand these things which have previously sent me to the brink of despair. I feel lighter. I feel calmer and feel happier. When you know that it is OK to be you… it is like a weight disappears. You can end the fight, I LOVE who I am. I am not saying I have a massive ego as I doubt myself as much as the next person BUT I really am starting to love who I am. I am proud that I can turn my hand to literally anything. That I have learnt to survive in a world which is not designed for me and that I have the skills to launch a business at the whim of a hat.

Multi-passionate people are made to feel like we don’t conform. Like we do not deserve success. That we are flakey. That we can’t focus. That we ‘play’ at things and never become the master.

Being Jack of all trades and master of none is an insult yet I believe it should be a badge of honour. Why are people who pick one thing and put all their energy into one thing better than those who are able to put their energy into many things and achieve many great things across the board?

Having the multi-passionate gift means you can pull together all your amazing interests, passions and various skills into a massive melting pot and come up with things never seen before. The unique way our brains work means that we see things other’s don’t. We are the creative ones which challenge the status quo and make things happen.


So please don’t think I am big headed as I am not. But the realization that I am not crazy and that there is a place for me in this world where I won’t be told to sit tight and stick to one thing for the rest of my life. The thought of that makes me want to give up on life in general so the realization that I am free to chase as many dreams as I want makes me one happy lady and ready to take on the world.

Below is a little video I filmed on the same subject. This was meant to be a little intro but ended up being a bit of a beast of a document in it’s self… I guess that is a sign I am talking about my biggest passion… being multi-passionate.

If you are like me then please do join me in my community over here

With love


PS: I was just working out how to ‘seo’ this page to be found by people who need to hear this and came accross the word “multipotentialite” seems there is a whole community for people just like me/us… I am off to investigate and will share more soon!



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