Monthly Memberships

I LOVE Memberships which is why I have three… the reason I love memberships is that it starts a long relationship and shows a commitment on both sides. I prefer this over one off purchases and courses as it is hard to build a relationship that way. You can purchase one off courses though if this is more your thing … My course directory is here

I did start by putting all of it into the one membership but everyone’s needs are different and I don’t want you paying for the aspects which you do not use. So I have split it out into 3 memberships and if you wanted all 3 then I have an all-in-one bundle to save you £££’s

In a nutshell –

CREATE Your Way To Success. Helping creative people to achieve their financial goals so they can enjoy the business they set out to create without overwhelm and burn out as they felt they had to do the whole darn thing themselves. Collaborating is the heart of this business as together we really can achieve magic. VIEW MORE HERE

The Tech Lab. Helping busy business owners save time and money by teaching them how to use the tools which could save them hours and sharing clever tricks to automate as much of the work as you possibly can. VIEW MORE HERE

The MORE Mastermind. Keeping busy business owners focused on the important tasks each week, keeping them accountable so they do the important work they would normally procrastinate over while being a virtual cheer-leading team who will keep them motivated even when things seem tough and giving up looks like a tempting option (NEVER TAKE THIS OPTION!)  VIEW MORE HERE

The Access All Areas Pass can be found HERE for one monthly fee… you will have all your needs met. VIEW MORE HERE