Monday Motivation:Are you brave enough?

Monday Motivation:Are you brave enough?

Yep I know… Monday Motivation on a Tuesday but hey…

I am now a school mum and, as you may be relate, if you have kiddos at home then work can often become just a tad more difficult. I find trying to do the two at the same time is the fastest way to 3 very unhappy people as no one gets what they want so I try not to work when they are around unless they are totally occupied or I am in desperate need! I am also trying VERY hard to not beat myself up when I drop the ball as I am trying my best and that’s all any of us can do. That reminds me of a quote I saw on Dragons Den recently “No one was born the best.. just a determination to be the best” which is a great reminder that it is those who commit to doing their best that end up out front. There really is no more to it than that! And if your dream is exciting enough then surely committing to ‘go for it’ should not be too much of a hardship.

Anyway I digress. I wanted to share my video with you today. I ended up getting distracted with my space helmet and stars but the message is the same: If you want something then you need to be brave. EVERYTHING worth having all starts with a brave decision. Let’s think about starting a family for a moment… pretty brave right?!

Here is my Facebook live from this morning:

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