A little poem (don’t laugh!)

A little poem (don’t laugh!)

OMG. Please don’t laugh. This could go one of two ways and am hoping it is not me running for cover with bright red cheeks.

This morning I was hit with inspiration. A rhyme which would not leave me alone. I had to get it out of my head onto paper. And then obviously I had to record a video of me reading it.

This is just a bit of fun. I don’t write poems. I am to a writer and am sure there are many classical errors into the structure of the writing but here is the thing…

… I don’t care.

Since Social Media as burst into my life I have felt drawn to all these shiny people. All these people living the ‘dream’.

BUT as you dig deeper you realise they are just reading a script. Following a blueprint.

They have a marketing coach telling them where to get their head shots. What to write in their emails and how to stand in their videos.

Don’t get me wrong. Coaching and mentoring is KEY. What I have an issue with is that the world is filling up with people who are not really portraying their true selves. They are being the people who they feel their ideal client wants them to be. Not who they are deep inside

I don’t want that for me. I don’t want that for you. I want us to be free to be us in every beautifully imperfect way we can imagine.

If I stand here trying to be something I am not then I am setting that bar higher than it needs to be. You may look at glossy photos and videos and feel it is a step too far for you and that you are not able to make the dream come true. Truth is that I am a normal 37 year old who dreams of a life where I am free from the “system”. A life on my terms and a life which I love each and every single day. I am committed to making this happen and am happy putting up with the rocky road as I know it will lead me to where I want to go.

You don’t get to where you want to be if you are not prepared to get your wheels muddy and risk a flat tyre once in a while.  As we don’t yet know how to fly.. it is our only option. Same with our dreams. We either choose to stay where we are (which is fine if you aren’t yearning to be elsewhere) or find a way to get to where we want to be as quickly (and beautifully) as possible .

I want for you to feel confident in yourself and that you are capable to make your dreams come true. I want you to feel safe in the knowledge that your dreams are waiting for you as soon as you feel ready to make them happen. I want to be in the sidelines cheering you on as you chase down what other’s told you was impossible.

I don’t want you to be frozen like I was looking up at all these women making it seem impossible to reach them.

I no longer want to follow these make believe ladies. I want to follow YOU. I want to follow people who are making a difference in the world while being true to who they are. I want to connect with REAL business owners who are not ashamed to say “I messed up on that one.. what shall I do now?” I want to be around amazing women who are not afraid to fail.

Please comment below with your Facebook page and I will come and follow and lets make those dreams happen.

With love as always,

V xx



PS: Ohhhh yeah… here is the poem I talked about!! I am actually cringing as I post this but trying to be brave as no one ever made their dreams happen from their comfort zone.

PPS: Here are my words… they might change 😉


Hello gorgeous, I see you there

looking into the camera with your glamorous hair

I longed to be you without a care in the world

Rocking your thing and watching your dreams uncurl

But how can I compete as a mum of two…

I am lucky if I leave the house not covered in poo

You say to start the day with an hour for me

but if I am honest I am winning if I manage a wee

But this is it. I am no longer playing this game

I long to me even if I don’t appear sane

Life is for living . Perfect just the way we are.

I long to be real and not a made up star

So here I am world imperfectly me

I want to show people what it feels to be free.

Come join me when chasing your dreams

holding ourselves together as we fray at the seams

Life is for growing and not standing still

Lets make those dreams happen together enjoying the thrill

You don’t have to be perfect, pretty and neat

anyone of us can work in our Pj’s to send that perfect tweet

Let’s get cracking, lets do this together

Our time is now not some time after forever

I have your back, if you have mine

I am ready for us to show the world how we shine

We all know that tomorrow never comes

lets go do this today you wonderful mums

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