Let me off the BS train!

Let me off the BS train!

I don’t know why I do it to myself on a daily basis. I fill my head up with all the total codswallop which fills my Facebook feed. It’s an addiction and it’s probably one of the most life limiting ones out there.
 The world has gone crazy and it’s making us feel like we are the crazy ones.
 I keep seeing people in TEARS because their big launch was not close to 3 figures let alone the massive promises of 6 or even 7… 8 by their “mentor”

The danger is that when we believe the hype like this we let ourselves doubt who we are.. What we are capable of and what we want. We get sucked into the thinking that you are a failure if you don’t achieve all these figures. We forget it is just smoke, mirrors and lies to get you to buy their “system”
 I am so worn down by it. I want out of the BS. I want out now. This isn’t business.. It just a massive scam with only a few who will prosper.
 It’s keeping me stuck as I don’t want to be a part of it. But I do want to save people from throwing their dreams away on people who don’t deserve it.
 Business is amazing when you allow yourself to be true and be organic. But it’s hard to stay true when so many people are offering systems to get you to 6 figures in a week which leads you to doubt that your system works. You start looking for answers elsewhere….
 Your system does work lovely. You are doing it right. It just takes time to build a business. There is no magic button. No easy ride. You just need to find something you love and work at it. The time passes anyway so spend your time building something which you love and the rest will follow. As soon as you start to speed it up then the wheels can fall off and you quickly fall out of love.
 Ignore all these messages and follow your heart. You know as much as they do – and your way is better for you than theirs ever can be.
 Hugs xx
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