Just do something…anything

Just do something…anything

Look… I committed to daily content which means I REALLY want to do daily content.

So much so that I am writing this while my kids are arguing in the background so I need to keep it short.

I started to panic that I wouldn’t be able to do it today as I have meetings alllll day…. and know if I don’t do it before the school run then I will have to do it this evening and I already have lots planned that I want to do this evening…and knowing me I would forget anyway 😉

So I thought the PERFECT message was to just do something… it doesn’t have to be a work of art or a VERY long detailed blog post.. it can be a few lines.

IT can literally be a few lines of anything which you would tell your friend, a message about a product or something you have planned today.

The idea with blogging is to speak to people… from your heart. To teach then, to entertain them, to show them… but ultimately to connect with them.

So if you have been meaning to do something… get it done.

Forget the perfect version. Forget what it looks like… just do it! Something is truly better than nothing. The imperfect blog post is better than no blog post as it shows the world you are trying instead of just talking about trying.

Anyway my goal today is to find a way to make blogging really easy from my phone via audio so I can drop you a voicemail every morning as that is my ‘thing’ over writing (being a dyslexic and all..)

Hugs lovely and go and do that thing you keep meaning to do. This has taken me about 5 mins… another 2 to read over, add an image and publish.


Love ya 😉

V xxx

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