How to Start a Creative Business

How to Start a Creative Business

Hello you 😉 Are you thinking about how to start a creative business, or simply thinking of ways in which you can ditch that tiresome 9-5 and frustrating boss? Perhaps you long to spend your day creating and wonder how you could make an income doing this? Perhaps you have your sights on becoming the biggest creative brand to ever have hit market? Whatever your ambition I believe ANYTHING is possible but you need to take it one step at a time and think about things properly before jumping in. If you are going to do this (and yes you are enough and have everything you need to be an amazing success) then here is a free recording to a paid for webinar I did for my members to help them visualize the path they need to take in order to create a proper business and not just a hobby which would be lucky to produce pennies at the end of the month.

If you are wondering how to start a creative business then this video talks you though the CREATE success path which I use to reduce overwhelm for our members as they set about turning their creative interests into a profitable business. We have ladies 4 years on who are using their products to fund family holidays, quit their 9-5 and even have their Husband join their team… it just goes to show that anything is possible but you just need to start. If you fail to start chasing those creative dreams then you will be in the same place 12, 24 or even 64 months from now… don’t live with regret… trust that you have what you need (and believe me you do!!) to start your own amazing business and build it as big as you can dream.

You NEED to ensure you get it right when starting a creative business and want to supplement or even replace your income or you run the risk of it becoming just an expensive hobby which not only drains your pocket but also your hope of becoming your own boss.

I am here 16 years on running a 6 figure creative business. I have used my creativity to allow me to sample much of what the business wold has to offer from a photography studio, a ceramic cafe, a bricks and mortar gift shop, an online keepsake shop, keepsake product training, creative kids parties, creative workshops and more. I LOVE sharing this with people (especially mums!) so they can start to follow their passions too. Nothing is easy but I can assure you there is no greater feeling than looking back at what you have created all by yourself. A bit like staring at your kids in complete amazement that you actually created something so perfect (apart from the time when they are running head first with a tomato sauce face into their grandparents cream sofa or screaming on the floor as you cut their toast into the wrong shape!) but you get the idea… there is no feeling like complete pride and accomplishment as you start to earn an income doing something you LOVE in a way which suits you.

Start putting your time and energy into your dreams and not someone else’s… I promise you that you will never regret it!

Here is the “How to Start a Creative Business” success path I am taking you through in the video:

how to start a successful creative business success path

and here is the video. It is just over 30 mins and is crammed with value so don’t forget to press play! And PLEASE share with any other creative friends who could do with some encouragement in chasing their creative business dreams.

Click here for the transcript of the video


If you are thinking about starting a creative business I want to do what I can to encourage you and support you. I appreciate that in the early days funds can be tight and it always feels like a big leap of faith in not only yourself but the world around you. This is what I wanted to create a one time No-brainer offer which would be impossible to refuse but I know it will help on so many levels.

In my “How to Start a Creative Business” Bundle you will get:

  • 1 Month in our Create Your Way To Success membership. You can use this time to get clear on your vision, choose your products or even devour our library of resources from accountancy to SEO. This is worth £47/month and if you decide to stay after the month then you will get a 50% off voucher to reduce this down FOREVER. Not only this but we will pay the VAT for you making it exceptional value for money and it will be locked in for as long as you want to stay.
  • Magic Number calculator and training to help you get clear on your numbers if you wanted to quit the 9-5 and replace your income with your chosen crafts. Worth £20
  • Training on how to create your own website in 7 days so you can start selling your products online. Worth £29
  • Printed term time planner for the first 50 people to join to help you plan your business and goals in line with the school holidays. Worth £15
  • A months access to our Business Start Up Incubator site with step by step training to help you get up and running in your new business. Worth £195
  • Printed workbook to accompany the Business Start Up Incubator to help you keep on track. Worth £10
  • Printed workbook to take you through the 30 day challenge to help you get clear on your vision and what it is you want sculpt your life into. Worth £7.50
  • 1-2-1 mentoring call with the amazing Kelly from My Business Boutique to talk through your plans and help you in the early days. Worth £35

So total value for this “How to Start a Creative Business” bundle is £358.40. But it is YOURS today for only £35 (Yes that is a saving of 90%!!) And as you can imagine this is immense value for money so act today as there is no way of telling how soon we will pull the offer. Click to pay via paypal here


for those on a very tight budget we have a digital version (so no printed workbooks, planner or 1-2-1 with our business mentor) for £7. Click here to purchase

If this crazy offer does not float your boat then here are some more freebies to help you on your journey:

  • Free Creative Business Success Checklist to put your mind at rest that you have thought about everything with starting your creative business.
  • Term time business planner learn to stop fighting with the school holidays and start to work around them so you can kick back and enjoy this time with the kids. They are not young for long so get in with the termly rhythm and transform your business.
  • Free 30 day challenge – are you stuck with what you want to do and what your business may look like? Take our free 30 day challenge and work through the daily videos and workbook and find out what your dream really looks like up close and personal!

I hope something on this page takes you forward a step in the right direction and gives you some ideas about how to start a creative business. It really does not matter how small the steps as long as it is a step and is towards your dreams. We are not born to stand still – we are born to grow.

With love as always,

Victoria x



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