How to set up a Website in 7 days

How to set up a Website in 7 days

Here is a super easy step by step training course showing you how to set up a website all by yourself. Follow the steps and don’t get distracted and you will create a professional site in no time atall. It really is very easy however If you need a hand and want to borrow my experience then just let me know!

Day 1: W stands for “Where is home?”

Getting your site set up and your foundations fixed. From choosing your domain, buying your hosting, installing WordPress (by pressing a button!) and linking them up.

Step 1: Register Your Domain

This is a yearly cost. I personally buy all my domains via You simply visit and then search for your domain. When you find one you add to your basket and checkout.

Step 2: Buy your Hosting

This is a monthly or yearly cost. You can get free hosting but if you are serious about your business I would not recommend this as it is often unreliable and unprofessional (with unrelated ads through out your website)

Option 1 – Do It Yourself

I use and recommend Vidahost for my hosting as it is UK based and came highly recommended. They do a 1-click install for wordpress. I have set up a 10% off discount for you for your hosting so simply enter code ‘vcasebourne’ at the checkout and they will take 10% off your hosting bill. Hosting starts from £29/year.

The other host I have used is Fasthosts which is linked with 123-reg if you wanted to keep both the domain and the hosting linked together.

Option 2 – Let Us Take Care Of It

I actually have a resellers account with Vidahost so if you wanted my Tech team to take care of the rest of Day 1 for you then you can fill in this form with your domain details and you will be invoiced £20 set up + £4.97/month until you cancel. This will include us linking up your domain, setting up a blank WordPress install, setting up landing page (next step) and installing some of the key plug-ins which we recommend (more of that in day 5 so do not worry about this now!)

Step 3: Install WordPress

So this depends on the route you have taken. If you have opted for us to do this for you then you can sit back and relax and wait for tomorrow’s lesson. If you would like to learn to do yourself then depending on your host you can select the 1-click install option for WordPress which is very simple. If you want me to do this with you then rent my brain here

Step 4: Landing Page

Here I did recommend installing “Coming Soon” Plug in here and configuring so you have something up to protect your work in progress over the next 6 days. If you want to do this then you can skip forward onto day 5 to look at adding in plug-ins. This is not essential and as you building your site so quickly then you do not need to really worry. Especially if you use the temp domain which I have done in the examples.

Step 5: Connecting Domain

Now you want to log into 123-reg and change the Name Servers to that of your host.

If you are using Vidahost they are probably


Day 2: E stands for Engineer your plan.

Away from the computer map out your site and how you want it to look and work.

Download your plan here

(You will want to print out a copy of page 3 for each of your pages or do direct into a word document)

If you want me to do this with you then rent my brain here

Day 3: B Stands for “Branding”.

Ensure your site looks good and reflects your branding.

Free Themes

Here is a short video to show you how to access the massive library of free themes.

Premium Themes

If you would like something a little more unique then you can also buy premium themes for very little: Here are some great places to start:

  • ThemeForest
  • Template Monster
  • Elegant Themes (I am a member and loved some of the themes I have used)
  • Thesis Theme (I have heard very good things and is very flexible)
  • Headway (I use this on all my sites now as it is completely customizable but you will need some technical skills to use this one.

Optimized Landing Pages and Sales Pages

I resisted this particular service/plug in for about 2 years but decided to go with it after never really getting the results I wanted (I was SURE I could recreate what LeadPages had done myself for less money!) But I have to say that I am loving the ease of clicking a button and having a professional sales page added to my WordPress site in seconds. You can view LeadPages here

Custom Themes

You can look on sites like for custom theme design or my tech team can help. Prices range from £295 to create a WordPress theme based on your own design or £595 for a designer to create the ‘look and feel’ and for the tech team to build it. As a student of this course I would like to extend a £100 voucher off of these prices to help you achieve your perfect site. If you are going to go ‘custom’ them use today to put your brief together and then carry on with the rest of the course as planned. Your custom template will simply fit over the top.

Customizing Graphics

If you choose a theme which has areas for custom graphics like a header then you can create this using something like Canva which is free. Here is a link to a Canva introduction I have created for my members which will help you get started.

If you want me to do this with you then rent my brain here

Day 4: S stands for “Structure”

Build your site from your plan and create the sites navigation.

Step 1 – Create Your Pages

Create a page for each page on your plan and add in some content which is either copy and pastes from your word documents from a couple of days ago, or type in a short paragraph for that page. Remember you can always come back to this page at a later date to upgrade the content.

Step 2 – Menu Management

When you have created your pages you will want to link them all together in a central menu. Here is how:

Step 3 – Page structures and comments

To make it look more like a website and not a blog you will probably want to remove comments on the pages and perhaps remove the widget area on some of them. Here is how:

Step 4 – Theme Customization

Now is the chance to customize the theme with colours, logos and images. Remember that each theme will have different options and levels of customization. If you find the theme you have chosen too restrictive then it is not too lat to go and change it.

Step 3 – Images

If you are looking for images for your site you m ust make sure you do not simply take them off someones website or use the Google Image search. You must either find free royality free ones or use an image website which charges a small amount for the rights for you to use them on your site. Canva has images which you can use for $1/download or it is more economical to buy an image which you can use over and over from somewhere like PhotoDune which also has images from $1 yet you can still upload them to Canva and use them multiple times.

When uploading to your website please make sure you make them as small as possible as if they are large in size (memory not necessary physical dimensions) then it will slow your site down. You can use this free tool to re-size your images.

Also don’t forget to save your image to contain your chosen keyword before uploading them as this will help with SEO.

If you want me to do this with you then rent my brain here

Day 5: I stands for “Ignite”

Add your bells and whistles to make your site pack a punch.

Look at other sites & make a wish list
To start I would make a note of some of the functionality that you would like and also have a browse around other websites and see if you spot something fancy which you would like to install.

What is a plug-in and how do you install

Plug-ins are essentially little programs which allow your site to do clever things. It may help your social sharing, it may allow you to capture emails or it will allow you to sell and take money through your site.

After you have installed your plug-ins you may also need to edit the settings in the dashboard:

What are widgets and how do you manage them

Premium Plug-in Directories

  • I have used many from here with good results and love nothing more than to go Plugin shopping 🙂

Some useful links to Plug-ins I use personally:

  • Pretty Links (Free)
  • Landing Pages by Leadpages (I wouldnt be without this now as it makes high creating converting pages even easier!)
  • Woo-commerce – best e-commerce system for WordPress which is free
  • Yoast SEO – as demonstrated to optimize your website
  • Pop Up Domination (popup boxes on your site)
  • AutoChimp Connecting WordPress and Mailchimp (free)
  • BruteProtect (protects site)
  • Facebook Conversion Pixel (for entering in your FB tracking pixels)
  • Hello Bar (for the sign up box at the top)
  • upPrev (When scrolling post down upPrev will display a flyout box with a link to the previous post from the same category.) Free
  • Online Webinars – Webinar Ignition

I actually use loads but don’t want to overwhelm you and take you away from the task at hand 😉

I have also seen this guide pop up with a list of plug-ins in which may be worth a read (it is only $7)

If you can not find a plug-in to make the site do what you want then you can opt for some custom coding. Here are some places which you can go to (I have used all successfully) for custom coding:

  • We charge £20/hour and are happy to quote.
  • People Per Hour
  • Odesk
  • Codable

If you want me to do this with you then rent my brain here

Day 6: T stands for “Tell Google about your site and learn to listen to what they tell you”

On-page SEO

Depending on your ‘plan’ you may want to optimize your website so it can be found on the search engines. Here is how (you will need to install Yoast SEO as I showed in the Plug-in video)

Activity Tracking

The other plug in you may want to install as standard is a Google Analytics or traffic tracking plug in. This allows you to find out how much traffic you are getting and where it is coming from.

Here is a video on how to set up Google Analytics:

Collecting emails

This goes back to day 1 and our desired Call To Actions which we would like our customers to take on the site. Normally this is to collect our customers email address so we can keep in touch.

If you would like to learn how to set up Mailchimp in an hour and add it to your website then you can purchase my Mailchimp course for £27 here

Through the eyes of your visitors

Go through your website as a visitor and make any edits you can spot. This may be adding in for content or correcting a mistake.

If you want me to do this with you then rent my brain here

Day 7: E stands for Enjoy the view.

Marvel at what you have created in 7 days and get some constructive feedback.

Make Your Website Live On Your Domain


Now go and share with family and friends for constructive feedback so you can improve and tweak. Be really proud that you have created a website in a week with no formal training! Remember though that EVERYONE has a different opinion so just because someone says you should change the font/colour/background it does not mean you HAVE to!

Yay You!!

Now I appreciate that sometimes you would like the opportunity to ask a few questions which is why I want to offer some support to get you all up and running. I have two options for you.

A 30 min “rent my brain” session where we log in, share screens and just get it done together. I do the work – you watch, learn and take notes. I will also record the session so you can watch later to act as a memory aid. There is no better way to learn than watching someone do the work in front of you and what could be better than learning on the job 😉 Super quick and easy. Perfect for busy mums who do not have time to learn things the hard way and just want to get it done NOW!  Book here


A 30 days support package where I help you live each week to move your website or tech project forward. You will also have access to my tech guy for free to help with any fancy bits that we can’t do ourselves. Order here

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