How to find your passion…

How to find your passion…

OK… before you carry on your search of “How to find your passion…”.. have you considered you may be a multipotentialite? Just putting it out there as this “I must try and find that ONE thing that makes all my other interests seem like a nuisance” search has led me to nothing. But owning the fact that I am who I am has made me feel free and alive like never before.

I feel like now I can see myself clearly and that my flaws as I saw them are actually really valuable gifts means that I am safe to chase my dreams in a really big way.

So if you find yourself on an endless quest of “how to find your passion” searches then why not embrace the fact that you have many and that you do not have to choose. It is not a legal requirement to only have one idea/passion/business and that actuallly you are kind of pretty special if you have more than one.

So if you are like me and that perhaps you need to replace your search of “How to find your passion…” with “How can I find more freedom and time so chase MORE passions and interests”

Anyway thought I would share as I am going through some pretty big ah-has at the moment. Just enjoy being where you need to be right now, enjoy the flow and the energy chasing many things gives you. Don’t waste another minute searching for “How to find your passion” and just commit to being in the moment and enjoying life and whatever thing captured your interest next. Here is some more information on what being a multipotentialite means to me and why finding out about this was like a lightbulb going off.

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