FREE: Daily Planner Download (No Opt-In)

FREE: Daily Planner Download (No Opt-In)

You have to love a Daily Planner don’t you! On my research there are many around and it is finding the one which works for you. I LOVE Planning. It helps be see the bigger picture, stay out of overwhelm and get things done. People always ask me how I get so  much done and stay sane (2 little children, 3 businesses and counting….) well it is down to the way I plan my time. I have so little working time to play with that I need to make sure that every minute counts.

Here is a page out of my daily planner which you can access via the image below (it should take you to Drop Box)  I would love to hear in the comments how you find it. By scheduling in your tasks it helps ensure you get everything you need to get done.. instead of working from your master to-do list. I find putting in appointments to get things done much more efficient.

Happy Planning!

free daily planner

So this Daily Planner not only has space for you to schedule in your work but also reminds you to drink water throughout the day as it is super important to keep hydrated. It allows you to plan out your meals so you can stop worrying about what you will feed the children… and it has a few questions to ask yourself such as “What do I love about myself” and what are you grateful for. IT is really important to find time to reflect on our lives and what we want as it is far to easy to coast through unconsciously going from task to talk without truly understanding why we are doing it.

I would love to see a screen shot of your daily planner and what you have planned for today! If you want some friends to plan with them do checkout the MORE Mastermind designed to keep you focused and accountable to what you need to do next!


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