10 clarity finding tricks for the unsettled mind

10 clarity finding tricks for the unsettled mind

Being in a muddle is really normal for us creative entrepreneurs. We are so very lucky to have the type of brains that see infinite possibilities in everything, but with that can lie a heavy burden of overwhelm and muddled thoughts. Which way should I go? What should I do first? And just like Violet from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory…I want to do it alllll nowwwww! Finding clarity can often feel like a very tall order. 

I get it. It is super frustrating to not be able to do all your ideas right now. What if someone else gets there first? It feels like an inner urgency to get it all done…like we’re running out of time. Or it can feel like every idea we have could be a winner and we are stuck, like a rabbit in headlights, scared of picking the wrong one. 

Here are some ideas to move you from overwhelm or muddled thinking towards clarity. And don’t think for a moment that when you have cured yourself once that it won’t come back; this isn’t chicken pox…catch it once and you’re immune…this is the subtle working of a complex and incredible creative human brain, and we just need to work a little harder at getting the best out of this incredible asset. 

Finding Clarity through Journaling

I love journaling, and it helps me get clarity at super quick speed. There are no rules here, and for me it helps me access my subconscious thoughts, which always seem to know the way. It bypasses the fear which is often a serious contributor to muddled thinking. The way it works is that you ask a question by writing it down at the top of the paper, and then allow your hand to just write whatever comes into your head. Don’t filter the words…this is just for you and no one has to see. Allow it to flow and write for a good 5 minutes. When you think are done, try to write a few more paragraphs, as this really gets underneath all that conscious thinking. 

Here are some starter questions to help you get started with journaling: 

  • What is the worst that would happen? 
  • What do I truly want to feel
  • What do I truly want to happen
  • If I could do anything, knowing money was no issue, what would it be? 

This really is a wonderful opportunity for you to buy a new notebook too 😉 Here are some of my faves on Amazon at the moment  -> 

To download a little journaling printable to get you started you can head HERE

Finding Clarity through Meditating 

Meditating changed my life. Not the stuff you get on the Headspace or Calm apps (although very good) but when taken to a deeper level it has the power to change your actual physical body. It can literally heal you and rapidly change your life. For now though I want to talk about how it can help you with clarity. Meditating is about learning to clear your mind of thoughts and mental clutter. When you do this it often allows the thoughts to settle in more of a pattern in which you can work out what is happening in your thoughts. To see if this helps you, I have recorded a little sample meditation for you so you can test it out. You can claim your copy here. 

Finding Clarity through EFT

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique,and this can help us get clarity on the assumption that our overwhelm is a form of procrastination and self sabotage. The reason we do these things is to keep us safe and the safest pace is where we are right now, hence we use these tactics unconsciously to prevent us from moving forward. The mind doesn’t care if we are happy…just that we are safe, as that is how our brains have been programmed. EFT will help address the emotional issues around our muddled thinking and leads towards a clear and happy mind.  I have recorded a little sample  EFT video for you so you can test it out. You can claim your copy here along with a little printable for the points. 

Finding Clarity through Walking

If you are feeling in a muddle, go for a little walk. Just 5-10 mins out in nature, giving yourself permission to not think about your problem and allowing your thoughts to settle. Sometimes the best thing we can do is nothing at all. You could also try a walking meditation, which can be incredibly powerful. 

Finding Clarity with a mind dump

When I am in true overwhelm, I get a blank sheet of paper and I empty every single thought which comes into my head. I write it down in a long list. This could be personal things, thoughts, to do items, business ideas…EVERYTHING goes onto this master list. Just getting all those swirling things out and onto paper allows you to take a nice slow deep breath, knowing that you have captured all those thoughts. You can relax and let go, making space for clarity and the ability to look through the list and just pick the next thing to do. 

Doing it anyway. Power hour. Just start. 

Above I said that sometimes the best thing we can do is nothing. Other times the best thing we can do is anything. Momentum breeds momentum and so just taking action on anything is the best way to get that flowing again in you. You can convince your mind that you will just work for 30 minutes, but once you start, you can end up getting back into flow. Flow is the state where you could work forever and not notice the time pass. And don’t worry about picking the best thing to do – stick a pin in your list and do ANYTHING. This is just about getting something done so you can tick it off your list and break the hypnotic grin of overwhelm. 

Finding Clarity through Planning

Sometimes when we have no clue what we want, a spot of planning can help give us clarity over what to do next. This could be in a planner, on some scrap paper, on your computer, or on the wall with some large whiteboard sheets, which is my favourite. I love to see it all up there. I love mind mapping as a starting point and I have recorded a couple of little printables and an instructional video to help you. Grab yours HERE.  You can also use mind mapping to reverse engineer your goals which I go into too. These techniques have saved me from overwhelm so many times and can personally vouch for them. 

Finding Clarity with mentoring

Sometimes the only way through is to talk to someone who knows. Whether that is intuitively or through their own experience. Mentors have had such an impact on me over the years and have totally pushed me forward when I was stuck and overwhelmed. I remember about a year or so into my business I spent £600 on a day with a life coach, and had never spent that amount of money on myself before. It was the best thing I did. She sat with me for the day focusing on my business and helped me see what I needed to do. Just one call with her would unlock my thoughts and get me into action. It is worth trying to find someone who you connect with and trust. When I found this life coach (she is no longer one), there was none of this online smoke and mirrors at play, so make sure you pick wisely. People who have never run a business before are being trained to become business coaches, which to me is one of the craziest things I can think of! Select the area you need help with and go for someone with experience in that area. 

Finding Clarity by taking ideas on a date

For each idea you have take a large sheet of paper or a double spread of A4 and explore EVERYTHING about your idea (and yes, if you have more than one idea do them all!) Write down how you would start, what it would look like, what you would do, what you need, things you like about the idea, things you don’t like about the idea. Basically start a plan for the business and explore as deep as you can on paper.  Do this for every idea you have and keep them in an ideas folder. I found this helped me to park ideas and stop them rolling around in my head, so I could focus on what to do next. Remember you can do anything but you can not do everything all at the same time.  

Finding Clarity by picking one thing

Just close your eyes and pick something! You will soon work out if that idea is for you or not, and can then decide to drop it and move on, or work it deeper. Either way, you have moved out of indecision and are moving forward towards your dream. No one knows if something is for them without having a go, and so I think there is nothing wrong with testing things out…give them a shot, but move on when things don’t feel right. This is not an excuse to move from one thing to another in an attempt to avoid ever truly settling, but don’t be afraid to pick something and get going with it. 

As you may know, I resonate with the term “Multi-passionate entrepreneur” in that I have lots of business interests and loves, and like to have a few things on the go. However, I built my success by picking one thing and truly going for it. First I picked my web design skills and started with that, but I didn’t enjoy the work so I let that go, despite having ongoing customers. I let them all go by passing them onto another web company, and set myself free. Then I started The Keepsake Co…and never looked back. Everyone on the outside was telling me that web design would be a better financial move, but I would have been miserable. I could never have predicted where keepsakes would take me and how much joy I would have in building the company and making the products. And there is my lesson to you…you can not possibly know what something is going to feel like until you have a go. You can do it quite risk free, but give it a go and see for yourself. 

Finding Clarity through getting creative 

It is no coincidence that places such as Google allow their staff time out to relax, play, and create, in order to access those creative thoughts. We can not force ourselves to think creatively. If you are in a place in your life or business where you could do with some creative thinking around your issues at hand, then take time out away from the desk and get creative. Allow your thoughts to wander while your hands are busy and see what light bulbs come on for you. I am sure you have experienced the effect for yourself…when you are driving, or in the shower, .i.e. your hands are busy but you are not having to think too much, it is often when we have our best ideas. Build this practice into your working week wherever you can, and see what amazing things you come up with. 

If you are in true overwhelm and like the ideas in this article but have no idea where to start, then I am going to be launching some retreats in my woodland home by the sea in Devon, UK,  and would love for you to join me. In small groups, we will be testing out most of what is in this article leaving you relaxed, clear and ready to take your life forward in the most beautiful of ways. Each retreat is designed to take your unsettled mind and turn it into unshakable confidence.  To find out more enter the Stronger Than Thought Online experience to make sure the fundamental principles sit well with you and then hop on the waitlist for The Peacocks Nest. It all happens in there 😉

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