Episode 12: Victoria on why you are so very important…

Episode 12: Victoria on why you are so very important…

I have been that silent lurker on Social Media for YEARS. I hide in groups simply watching from the sidelines and never feeling ‘enough’ to join in. I always felt that people would question why I had commented on someones post if I didnt really know them well personally or know much about the topic.

Now I am being more active i totally get it. I can see how important each and every one of us is in the big picture. Those people out there with a message to share need to know you are there and listening. It is very hard to keep going when there is no feedback and if you don’t do it then who will?

I think we all hold back through lack of confidence as we do not feel adequate for what ever reason yet we are MORE THAN ENOUGH right now. Nothing needs to change, nothing needs to happen – we just need to know that a single ‘like’ or ‘comment’ can mean the difference between keeping on going and giving up. We all have the power to help change someones life and if we can do that for someone else then you should feel safe in the knowledge that it will be returned back to you ten fold.

This isn’t just about Facebook either, this is about life. Comments, looks, smiles… they all mean more to others than we could ever know. You could be the difference between someone having an amazing day or a pants day… why not help them have the amazing day if you can…

Here is my School Run Podcast Episode today:

I would so love to hear from you in the comments below with the one thing you have done today to reach out and touch someones life in a simple yet wonderful way.

Lots of love

Victoria x


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