If you don’t try then you will never make amazing things happen

If you don’t try then you will never make amazing things happen

I am feel super proud today of my little sister. To be honest I thought she was a crazy lady as her life is already pretty full on BUT she had committed to organize and host not one but TWO charity events in one day for her friends little daughter. You can check out Izzy’s page here who is a beautiful little girl who has a life limiting health condition called SMA.

You see my sisters commitment to this event meant that they are so much closer to raising the money they needed (not a small amount!) to buy their specialist wheelchair which Izzy needed to give her the mobility that every little princess deserves.  I honestly could not be prouder as it was not easy but it all went off without any issues at all. But their needs will be on-going when a car seat costs then £3000 instead the normal £100… which is bad enough!

Here are a few points I would like to raise:

POINT 1: JUST TRY (REALLY HARD!). if you never try and put yourself out there then you will never know what you can achieve. Liz, my sister, had never run a charity event, she had never run a projector or organised or had to market anything like this. She had no idea if people would turn up, if people would join in or people would support it but something in her KNEW she had to do something.

POINT 2: KEEP THE FAITH. She had a moment a couple of weeks ago when it looked like only 10 people had bought tickets and all the fear that goes along with that… just like when you are in business or orangise something at work.  But she had no choice but to keep the faith

POINT 3: GET CLEAR ON YOUR WHY Liz did this for a very clear reason.. to have a friend raise money for her little girl. That vision of Izzy is what made her work her socks off to make it all a success.

POINT 4: ULTIMATE ACCOUNTABILITY Liz had no choice but to crack on and pull it out of the bag as everyone was committed behind her and she had set a date and everything in motion. If you have a dream then put some dates in the diary and make everyone around you know about it… you will not want to loose face and will push through those wobbles.

POINT 5: DON’T IGNORE THE WHISPERS How often do we ignore those callings as we either can’t be bothered, we are too busy or we are too scared we have no idea what to do.

POINT 6: BE OK WITH NOT KNOWING THE HOW BEFORE YOU START The thing is that no-one ever really knows how anything will work out BUT if that had stopped my Sister then Izzy would be further away from getting the Wheelchair they desperately need.  Sometimes the only way (and my preferred way) is to simply work it out along the way.

POINT 7: PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL CHARITIES, EVENTS, & BUSINESSES It is so easy for us to be caught up in our crazy lives that we can not see the cries for help around us. All it takes it to take some time out and show support for those who need it. I know it is not deliberate but i know I can try a bit harder. A trained a lovely lady who was starting up her own charity after her Nephew passed away and she said.. before it happens to you then you just don’t think  about it but when something is happening to a loved one and you need money for treatment then you you realize just how important this stuff is. It is literally life and death… this lady was telling me how two strangers got involved in her charity and raised around £20,000 for them… just because they cared. What an amazing feeling that must be.

POINT 8: DON’T RELY ON THE SYSTEM I had to get this in 😉 We are no longer in a place where we can assume the system we are paying into can pick up the tab for poorly people… it is down to friends, families and kind hearts to make it happen. Together we really can change the world.

POINT 9: DO GOOD WHEN YOU CAN I get it.. we are busy and life takes over but try and do good where you can as if there are more people out there supporting the people around them then the world would be a much less angrier place.

POINT 10: DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOUT YOUR CAUSE FROM THE ROOFTOP.  With social media taking over our lives we can not see everything everyone puts out. It is hard when you are trying to promote an event or business as you don’t want to keep on BUT your friends and families may not have seen your post due to algorithms and life so don’t be afraid to keep shouting about what you do over and over again. Also don’t forget to be really clear on communicating your why.. just because it is important to you then it does not mean people will understand as they are not experiencing the same feelings or circumstances.

POINT 11: DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE VULNERABLE. It was only when Liz posted on her timeline asking for people’s advice and support as her event was not filling up th    at it started to get traction. Because everyone is busy we miss so much BUT when a friend asks for help publicly it does seem to get our attention. So if something is REALLY important to you then ask for help. Beg for help. Tell people how you are struggling and that you need their help.

POINT 12: THE WORLD REALLY IS FULL OF GENEROUS PEOPLE Obviously Liz organized this but it was backed by an amazing amount of generosity. Businesses gifted such amazing prizes, people baked the most wonderful cakes, people gave their time, businesses donated thousands of pounds…. when we watch the news it is easy to feel like the world is falling apart but it really isn’t… it is full of heart.

Anyway… I really am super proud of my sister and am in awe of all she achieved. So much so that I am tweaking a current project after being inspired by her, the lovely lady I trained this month and the inspiring Selfish Mother… I am working on a new project and it is going to have a very strong charity focus as this is how I can make a difference. Business is my thing (marathon running certainly isn’t!!) so I am going to use this to build in some ways to raise money for charities. I feel REALLY excited about this as if I can help wonderful people like Liz’s friend get what they NEED by running the business which I LOVE then I will be one very happy lady.

With love,


PS:  you really do have to be in it to win it… the perfect raffle prize for me 😉






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  1. Thanks Sis- you inspire me everyday! That’s really sweet of you to blog about me!! 😘😘I couldn’t have done it without the help, support and advice of others and it really is amazing when you see people pulling together and making things work! Xxx

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