Don’t Take No For An Answer

Don’t Take No For An Answer

I have no idea how this will look as i’m writing it via the WordPress app. I also decided to speak my message through Siri rather than write it by hand.

I think I must have really fat fingers because I just can’t get on with texting or emailing frm my phone. I have an iPhone 7 Plus so it has a bigger screen than most but atill every time I try to type something I end up with a bizarre mixture of letters which looks like something May has written (she is 2).

At the moment I am trying to work out how to audioblog because I like the idea of leaving you voicemails but I’m not finding a solution very easily.

The thing is, is that I know if I keep looking and keep trying I will find the perfect solution. I am literally not taking no for an answer. I am searching Google at every opportunity, reading every blog I can find around audio blogging, searching the App Store daily.

I had an idea for marketplace 16 years ago. And I have been encountered nothing but road blocks. I have invested thousands of pounds on broken technology, spent thousands of pounds on developers who never delivered, and hours of my time researching.

Because I persevered, I think I found the perfect solution at long last (yay!) but the only way that I will know that it actually IS the perfect solution is by giving it a go…

I need to forget all my failed attempts and trust this is THE ONE.. or at least takes me closer to the REAL ONE!

Basically I keep trying over and over and over again until i finally find what i can looking for.

I literally never take no for an answer when I set my mind on something.

And that’s the key to making it happen….if you have an idea, or a dream, never take no for an answer until it’s done.

What are you willing to never take no for an answer on? What are you committed to doing regardless of whether it is easy or quick?

Your dreams are worth fighting for. Go make them happen.

With love,

Victoria x

PS: If you would like some support while trying to make your dreams happen then I have opened the door to The MORE Mastermind which is only £24/month AND I will be sharing what I learn about audio blogging over on The Tech Lab 🙂


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