Did I just make £4200 in an hour?

Did I just make £4200 in an hour?

I thought about writing this blog. Then I hesitated as I couldn’t be faffed
to find my log in for the blog, find an image and do all the other
shenanigans you have to do in order to post a simple post on your blog..

… and then I remembered I had set it up so I could email this to my
blog.. and then I remembered I use Social Media Magic for the images which
I have attached to the email and therefor will become my featured image
when this email hits the blog.


So as I start to type my email I am not sure if this is a rant, a break
down of emotion or a feeling of deep gratitude that I have the knowledge I
do which saved me £700 in 10 minutes worth of work (which works out to
£4200 an hour…)

Or another way I could look at is I have earnt £700 in 10 minutes as if
this hadn’t have worked I would have had no choice but to pay out on
someone to do this with me.

Now if you know me you will know I don’t like all the hype and BS online
but couldn’t resist the title and perhaps those looking for Guru’s promises
of how to make £4200 in an hour will read this and realize they know more
than they think and if they applied some smart thinking they could save
(and therefor make!) more money.

All I needed to do was clone one WordPress site over to another one. It is
a way of keeping development costs down for our members and works
BRILLIANTLY as it has all the plugins I like pre-installed and the design
is super flexible. We had a good thing going until disaster struck and our
developer has gone AWOL after 3 years of service. I had to find someone
else to do the clone QUICK as our client was waiting.

I tried one guy who seemed brilliant and he quoted £700 to do this. YES

So here is the thing.. if you don’t understand the basics of computers and
online marketing you could be being ripped off left right and centered.
Seriously.. if I didn’t know how easy it was I would have trusted this
quote and paid to get it done.

Imagine if I had no clue how easy it is to do this stuff and question the
big quotes which were coming back? Now don’t get me wrong there are many
times when I need to use a developer as it is beyond my skill set BUT often
a bit of thinking outside of the box can pull things together.

So with £20 and a little bit of knowledge I saved myself £700 in 10 mins

Probably my most lucrative tech hack to date…

Not only this I feel far more empowered as I have done it myself and I do
not have to reply on paying someone every time I want to do this.. I can
click a button and clone my site for a new client saving them ££££ and
saving me hours of time.

LOVE tech when it works <3 Thought I would share and then ask you a question... What are you paying big money out for, or wasting hours on, which you could save if you just implemented a quick bit of tech? Remember it is not the money you make in business... it is the money you save. Hope this helps and good luck! Victoria PS: I have space for one client who I can personally go through all your systems and processes and see where we can save you time and money by being a bit smart with tech. Let me know if you would like me to work my magic on your business.

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