Not broken

This is what I believe.

Those who struggle and get lost within their brilliant minds are not broken.

I now know I am not broken, even though I have felt it most of my life. That I didn’t belong and I just didn’t get ‘it’.

What I see are incredible women and men, who are struggling to make sense of a weird world, which likes to keep us trapped in our own anxieties and fears for its own gain.

We live in a world which seems to win when the masses are kept ‘at bay.’

We live in a world which is funded by large ruthless organisations, who grow by us being ill or being so sad that we buy their products in the hope that it eases our pain.

We live in a world where research has shown how to cure our worst diseases, and yet it is hidden from view as the world would lose too much money, and it would rather we lost loved ones instead.

We live in a world that should be more connected than ever and yet we feel lonelier than ever.

We live in a world in which individuals have changed their fate single handedly over and over again, yet we continue to believe we are powerless.

We live in a world which is full of people who seem happy to destroy our planet and risk the future of our species to satisfy an urge to own more stuff.

We live in a world where people are respected for what they own and how they look…and not always the difference they make.

So no, lovely. You are not broken.

I think what has happened is that you have woken up just a little more than the rest of the world, who are operating on autopilot and can’t see the craziness which surrounds us.

You have found yourself in a frightful world and you feel powerless. We need a sense of control as a basic human need and without it we feel lost, unsettled and unhappy.

The fact that you are hurting is a sign that you care and that you want things to be different and yet we all feel so small and unable to change our own circumstances, let alone the state of our struggling world.

The fact you want to change is what’s important and you just need to see how powerful you are and how much good you can do in the world, if only you could be set free from the traps of the mind.

So, next time you catch yourself thinking there is something wrong with you…please replace those thoughts with something more empowering. Believe in yourself and give yourself the opportunity to grow from this. Give yourself space to change and to move yourself into a more empowering space which will allow you to regain your power and start rising once again.

We only have one life so let’s not let this crazy world strip us of our one opportunity to be happy here on earth. Let’s laugh in the face of the system and show it that it can not beat us down. We are stronger than that. We are stronger than them. Especially when we unite.

You are an incredible human being and you are capable of more than you will ever know.

I know this. You know this.

Show Your Peacock

I have a strong distaste for lies and manipulation, and very clear boundaries in place, meaning that I cannot tolerate anyone I suspect of these traits. I am normally a passive, peaceful person who is happy to go with the flow, to be flexible in order to accommodate others. However, if I feel that I…Continue Reading

The Struggle Of Too Many Ideas

The Struggle Of Too Many Ideas

Hello lovely,

You may have noticed that I have a busy mind. I am always coming up with
new ideas. Literally every car journey I am far too excited to get to my
destination so I can make notes of the life changing idea I had in the car.

I know I am biased but they are all REALLY good ideas… if I could sell
ideas I think I would be a very wealthy woman. Each one blows me away and
all I want to do is implement things and get them out as I know it will
make a big change in the world.

I see others who have this EXACT same skill/problem so I know I am not

And this is the issue… it should be a skill… a blessing…. a total

BUT it can be a nuisance which keeps you poor and constantly battling
between which idea you will action today.

This is totally exhausting, frustrating and can be soul destroying if you
do not handle it properly.

I don’t have all the answers but I know the thing we can’t do is just “pick
one thing” as I have tried that and it sends me down a black whole as I
feel I have had to choose a child and am left mourning all the ones I had
to let go.

But I also know that going after a different idea a day is never going to
work as while I can implement an idea a day.. I can’t market it. I can’t
get eyes on it and I can’t get the traction behind it which you need for it
to take hold.

And this is where the issue comes from in my eyes.

As creatives we are business ideas people. We CREATE things. Our Zone of
Genius is in creating things. NOT marketing the things we created on

YES we can fool ourselves into thinking that marketing is creative but when
you have to do the same thing over and over again (replace with the words
BE CONSISTENT!!) you loose that creativity that drives your soul.

So this is a BIG issue.

We have an idea. We LOVE bringing that idea to life and then BOOM.. that
idea becomes done and dull just in time for a new idea to come and woo us
off our feet.

We end up in this circle of creating and then letting them fizz into

SO I have an idea which I DESPERATELY want to go the full hog with.. just
like I did with The Keepsake Co.

So I know I have kept a business baby alive for 16 years and so I know I
can do it again but I need to revisit what kept my desire burning all those
years with that and apply the same thinking to this.

So will keep you posted as always as I know you get it too.

All I will say is I am the most chaotic, butterfly brained person you will
ever meet and if I can sustain a business for that lone then you can too..
we just need to be smart about it before we burn out completely.

With love
Victoria xxxContinue Reading

Did I just make £4200 in an hour?

Did I just make £4200 in an hour?

I thought about writing this blog. Then I hesitated as I couldn’t be faffed
to find my log in for the blog, find an image and do all the other
shenanigans you have to do in order to post a simple post on your blog..

… and then I remembered I had set it up so I could email this to my
blog.. and then I remembered I use Social Media Magic for the images which
I have attached to the email and therefor will become my featured image
when this email hits the blog.


So as I start to type my email I am not sure if this is a rant, a break
down of emotion or a feeling of deep gratitude that I have the knowledge I
do which saved me £700 in 10 minutes worth of work (which works out to
£4200 an hour…)

Or another way I could look at is I have earnt £700 in 10 minutes as if
this hadn’t have worked I would have had no choice but to pay out on
someone to do this with me.

Now if you know me you will know I don’t like all the hype and BS online
but couldn’t resist the title and perhaps those looking for Guru’s promises
of how to make £4200 in an hour will read this and realize they know more
than they think and if they applied some smart thinking they could save
(and therefor make!) more money.

All I needed to do was clone one Wordpress site over to another one. It is
a way of keeping development costs down for our members and works
BRILLIANTLY as it has all the plugins I like pre-installed and the design
is super flexible. We had a good thing going until disaster struck and our
developer has gone AWOL after 3 years of service. I had to find someone
else to do the clone QUICK as our client was waiting.

I tried one guy who seemed brilliant and he quoted £700 to do this. YES

So here is the thing.. if you don’t understand the basics of computers and
online marketing you could be being ripped off left right and centered.
Seriously.. if I didn’t know how easy it was I would have trusted this
quote and paid to get it done.

Imagine if I had no clue how easy it is to do this stuff and question the
big quotes which were coming back? Now don’t get me wrong there are many
times when I need to use a developer as it is beyond my skill set BUT often
a bit of thinking outside of the box can pull things together.

So with £20 and a little bit of knowledge I saved myself £700 in 10 mins

Probably my most lucrative tech hack to date…

Not only this I feel far more empowered as I have done it myself and I do
not have to reply on paying someone every time I want to do this.. I can
click a button and clone my site for a new client saving them ££££ and
saving me hours of time.

LOVE tech when it works <3 Thought I would share and then ask you a question... What are you paying big money out for, or wasting hours on, which you could save if you just implemented a quick bit of tech? Remember it is not the money you make in business... it is the money you save. Hope this helps and good luck! Victoria PS: I have space for one client who I can personally go through all your systems and processes and see where we can save you time and money by being a bit smart with tech. Let me know if you would like me to work my magic on your business.Continue Reading

We Must Say No To Change The World

We Must Say No To Change The World

Why do we give more balls to the person who is struggling to keep the balls
they already have up in the air? And then blame them when they drop one
which they shouldn’t have been holding in the first place and was simply
helping out a friend or colleague…

I think this happens in the home and the workplace and both are disastrous
in terms of mental and physical health.

The thing is that I bet you anything the person with all the balls is a
people pleaser. Perhaps you are the people pleaser who is stressed with the
amount on your plate?

If you continue to say yes to other’s ‘stuff’ this may happen..

– you start to drop your own balls first as you would rather let yourself
down instead of the random friend who isn’t much of a friend if they are
putting on you like this.
– you start to become tired as it is totally relentless
– you loose confidence as you start to drop balls
– you get in trouble for dropping the balls you shouldn’t have even touched
in the first place. Infact you probably shouldn’t even have known these
balls existed but here you are keeping them in the air.
– you get resentful and cross that you are being made to take on all these
balls and yet you are barely having five minutes for yourself
– you start to get angry that you are getting the blame when you start to
drop balls for others
– you start to get a reputation that you drop balls even though you
shouldn’t have done it in the first place
You see by you saying yes and taking on things which you really shouldn’t
be you are landing yourself in potential hot water.

I think this is why as a Mother we take on EVERYTHING to keep the family
home sorted yet if one things gets left behind on a holiday or something is
missed in the super market as you were also trying to work out what you
needed to do to organise for someones birthday part and Christmas which is

At work people keep giving you more and more work onto of what you are
doing and so you start to drop balls… either the new ones or the ones which
were originally yours. You don’t feel able to tell your boss you are at
capacity so start to work evenings, weekends and basically give up YOU life
to service the needs of others.

In both these situations there is a simple solution but one which seems
totally out of character for a people pleaser and one which most people
will resist. And yes I will probably resist too.

“Oh I would love to help with that but I am already up to my eyes and
would’ t be able to do that to the best of my ability and would hate to let
you down. Do you think you could help with that or do you know someone else
who may be able to help in stead?

You don’t have to be aggressive. All you are doing is preserving your
boundary. Whether this is your partner, your colleague or client.



The more you say YES the more people will give you so you have to put up a
boundary to protect you and then be sure you protect it and be willing to
say no in the most wonderful, gentle way but in a very firm “you have
crossed the boundary now” sort of way.

IF a boss is putting on you then it is THEIR responsibility to find more
money to hire more resources. It is not your responsibility. I find,
especially in the public sector in the UK, that budgets are being cut and
the only way the system is continuing to function is by one man doing 5
people jobs by giving up their own personal life to accommodate the
ridiculous hours. Do you think they get thanked? NO! Do you think they get
the blame for not doing the job of the 4th extra job they had to take on as
well as the person who had full time hours to do this job? YES!


NO! it is not ok for me to take on another persons role onto of my full

NO! It is not ok to work into the evenings and weekends just to keep my
head above water as you don’t have the funds to replace that person.

NO! it is not ok that I have to do everything at home AND work and you only
have to worry about your work.

I could go on but you get the idea.

We need to change the system and the only way we can do this is to push
back and not allow our lives (which are limited and precious) to be taken
up by other people’s bad management .

So next time someone asks you to do something and you are already up to
your eyes… what will you say? Get the response ready and be prepared to say

With love
Victoria xxxContinue Reading

The other side of fear

The other side of fear

> I recorded this yesterday but struggled to make it live. I’ve been
> tinkering with my workflow and think I have a solution going forward 🙂 I
> am actually emailing this to my blog so if you are reading this then I’m a
> happy lady tonight as my latest tech hack worked. I really need a win after
> a trying day with my threenager 😉
> In this video I talk about how I’m feeling as I start from scratch.
> No matter how much “theory” you know it never removes all the fear and
> resistance of taking action towards your dream.
> The only thing that removes the fear is going through it. Just like going
> on a bear hunt!
> https://youtu.be/G9B0RqKLi8g
> Big love dreamers
> V xx
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