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Podcast Episode: Curating the perfect flow for life

The podcast today shares one of the most transformational exercises I did. It looks at where you are now and where you want to be, in a really practical way, and then uses this as a compass towards the life you wish to live. Again, it’s all about becoming intentional with what you want and then making it happen for yourself. Sending so much love! Victoria x

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Transcription of Podcast ‘Curating the perfect flow for life’

Hi lovely, happy Tuesday…I think it is! Such a bright, gorgeous day where I am but so, so cold and the roads are so icy and I probably said this yesterday, but everything’s so hilly round here. I’m just going up white hills going, please don’t crash, please don’t crash! So this week we’re sort of talking about work life balance and all of that. And the best place to start, as with everything, is getting really intentional about how you want your life to be. So one of the exercises I did, which really turned things around for me, and I probably should do this again, and I will, is to look at your daily or average daily plan, your schedule. How does your average day currently pan out? And then on another piece of paper, how do you want your day to pan out?

Okay. How would you want that day to look if you had complete control? Now normally there’s going to be a discrepancy between the two. Okay. There’s going to be a bit of a void somewhere, maybe there’s too much bias on work at the moment or not enough, you know, whatever that is for you. And we’re all different. Now the next thing, because you’ve got where you are and where you want to be, it’s so much easier to create a plan of how can you start to implement small changes and tweaks within your day so that you start to live more days like that perfect day. And how can you start to have more of those perfect days? You know, that day that you’re aspiring to. So for instance, it might start with a little gym or spa session and then you get onto your computer for a couple of hours.

Then you have a lovely nutritious lunch and then a walk, whatever. I don’t know. We’re all different. And I think sometimes we think we’re so worn down by society, it’s so drilled into us that our day is work, work, work, work, work. That if we ever think about taking a bit of time out, it makes us feel guilty and that we’re lazy and it brings all of these things up. And I touched on this in in the book that I’ve just written and how, you know, this isn’t by accident, these feelings of guilt and laziness aren’t accidental. This is coming up through generations and generations and centuries of control from the system as it were. There used to be laws punishing laziness by death!

Now all of that has come through our DNA again into our psyche, you know. So, even though we were living in those times, it’s come through our generations, through either being passed verbally and through our beliefs and value system through families and generations, or even as they now believe, these things can carry through our DNA, our makeup, you know, these beliefs. We know that rest actually makes us so much more productive and we get much more done. So instead of working eight hours a day, could you work six hours a day so much more productively and get all of that key work done and have two hours a day for yourself? For instance.

Now I know most of you are mums and we’re lucky to have two hours to work, let alone eight, and then it becomes a lot harder but that being said, if you work doubly as effectively during half the time, then you can start to release those hours to go to the gym and to do stuff that builds you up mentally and physically. And the stronger that you become, the more that you start to achieve and that’s the cycle. If we just carry on with our eyes shut going just through the daily routine as it is, then we’re leaving it all to chance. So the key is to become really intentional about the sort of days that you want to have and the weeks that you want to have. Every day won’t tend to be the same, but maybe if you work within school hours, you work Monday to Thursday and Friday is your day, you know, before the kids come home for the weekend, and then it’s all chaos! Maybe you have that day, or maybe Monday’s your day and you start your week working week on the Tuesday or maybe you have an hour each day, whatever that is for you.

What I would say is nothing’s ever set in stone, have a play with it. So for me, I can’t yet decide whether I would prefer to have a really full on week and then a week off or whether I have a couple of hours each day where I go to the gym and get into that really lovely flow of having time in the day to work and to play and to exercise and to read, and to develop a daily routine like that, so every day is perfect. Because when I’m working I get quite addicted and it’s really hard for me to stop. I quite like to work on projects, really meaty projects and get them done and then sort of have a celebratory week of not having to do much at all. I don’t have to decide. And here’s the thing as well, I can fit in and flit between both of those. I can. What I’m learning more than ever is to really live in the flow. And if I am in a week where I’m really enjoying my work, then that’s okay. I think when you work for yourself quite often your work is also me time. It’s time doing something for you, especially if you’re in a creative business, you know, making the jewelry or making whatever it is you’re making, that’s really soul fulfilling work. So again, it changes when you’re in your own business. Sometimes you know, work is you time and it’s been my savior, having been a mum of two little ones, having that little thing that I can do for myself whilst it’s work.

The money’s a bonus often. I love what I do and I would do it anyway. And that’s again the key to find work that you just want to do for fun and for love and that you happen to get paid for it too. And the whole balance of life becomes even easier. You know, it’s not a drudge. I never feel like, Oh, I’ve got work today. I’m looking forward to work1 I’m looking forward now to go and sit on my computer and see what emails I’ve got, who I can help, who I can reply to, where I can be of service, what can I create for the ladies that I work with? I enjoy that. Do you know what I mean? So finding what you love doing really helps with that balance. It really, really does. And just sketch out what your perfect day would be and then play with it, you know, and keep playing with it.

And until you get in your flow, when you find your own flow, and there’s a big mindset shift here as well, as with everything I say, if you don’t believe that you’re worth it. If you don’t believe this is possible, if you have all this belief that to be successful, you have to sacrifice loads, including your health, you have to work hard, you have to work 10 hours a day; if they’re the beliefs you’re carrying around, then even if you write it down, you’re going to fight yourself in this battle for work life balance because you don’t deep down believe that it’s possible or that you deserve it.

And that’s why I don’t want to rush this inside the Nest. I want to really get this right for the ladies because I think if we get this bit right and that we get a really great system going of having elements of routine, but not actual routine because routine is too stagnant. It’s finding that flow, that daily flow, so you’re not having to think about it. You know, the flow feels so much better than routine. Routine is just so dictatorial and so stifling; flow is like energetically incredible. So finding that flow within the day of getting all those things done, the morning flow, the evening – how do your evenings flow, how do you approach your day? We’re going to be looking all of that stuff. And so I’d really encourage you to do the same, you know, have a think about how you want your life and your days and your weeks, and your months and your years to pan out because otherwise they’re just going to happen and you’re going to wake up one day and think, where did that go? Right now’s the time to get really intentional about how you want it all to pan out. So leaving that with you today, sending you love, as always, I hope you have an incredible day. As always. Thank you so much for listening. Please do leave me a review if you haven’t done already. I’d love to hear from you and to know that these podcasts matter to you and they help and I shall speak to you very, very soon. Lots of love. Bye.

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