Episode 18: Victoria demonstrates the importance (and power) of accountability

Episode 18: Victoria demonstrates the importance (and power) of accountability

Ok so hands up… I was sat here working on my new business training school (you know the bits which take hours as we all like to ‘tweak’) and I suddenly realized I haven’t recorded tomorrow’s podcast episode yet. Eeeeek!!! But it reminded me of a VERY important topic and that is building in accountability into our life and business. You see I didn’t want to let you down and not put out an episode and also it is all very public so I HAD to do something there and then ready for tomorrow. This is where accountability keeps you moving and doing the things you need to do.

If I wasn’t live but I had told myself I was going to do an episode a day… do you think I would have? No fear! I would still be tweaking!

I often tell the ladies I work with to get themselves booked onto an event in the future around the time they want to launch as this then gives them a focus and a more concrete “This must be ready by then or else” date. If you want to go live and are worried about putting it off then this WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!

There are many ways you can make yourself accountable: Facebook groups, family and friends, mentors, coaches or getting appointments in the diary which are hard to move.


So if you have something you would like to do in the future then what can you put in your diary, who can you tell or what can you do to make sure it 100% happens and remove all chances of you wriggling out of it when the time comes?! Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Victoria x

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