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I am Victoria. I LOVE business, tech and being creative. All my life I have been told to choose wisely. Choose one thing. But I find I work better when I go with the flow and allow my eclectic skill set work together to create magic for me and my clients.

I am very much about listening to who we are, deep at the core and then creating a business in alignment with that. When we are trying to push ourselves into someone else’s shaped box it can be uncomfortable. It is far to easy now to get sucked into believing the hype that someone else’s success can be copied in an easy to follow blueprint from “swiping email funnels” through to buying a franchise and then success will be guaranteed.

The issue is that until you step into who YOU are. Until you fully understand what YOU want then nothing will ever truly work. You may get some surface level success but it won’t fulfill you like starting and running a business which makes your heart sing.

It is about creating a life which you don’t need a holiday from, one where your work is actually a hobby and one which gives you butterflies you when you think about what is next.

I don’t believe you can get this when simply following someone else’s rules. Entrepreneurs, especially creative entrepreneurs need freedom to be them, freedom to explore and freedom to create whatever their amazing brains can conceive.

I have been running a business full time for 16 years (the last 5 years as a Mum). All of those online with a short adventure with a high-street shop. I have earnt my business stripes the hard way and love nothing more than sharing my experience to help others realize their dreams quicker.

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I am delighted to have been featured in a growing list of publications and websites. Here is a list of my articles, interviews and features:

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I have been privileged to work with some pretty amazing business owners and here are some of the kind words they have shared about working with me:

I have learnt so much already and continue to be determined to grow my business to a place whereby I am able to bring in a good income and be around for my little boy. Thank you for making it affordable to stay with the group and thank you for having the vision to change the lives of other women for the better, you truly are an inspiration.”



Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for today, I have gone from feeling totally blocked to feeling quite energised.

Carol – www.parklanepractice.co.uk


“What you are doing is fantastic and I am so grateful that you gave me the opportunity.  I realise we pay for the package, but you really go above and beyond for us.”



” I love how you have structured our conversation into a 3 phase project.  You are just the sort of person I need in my life!

Catherine Watkin


Victoria gives so much effort, enthusiasm, knowledge and support which is what has made it possible for me to make this massive leap.  Starting a new business is one of the most important decisions anyone can make and you want to be sure that you are not wasteing hard earned pennies on something that leaves you in the dark and out of pocket.

Nina Whear


I know this is a business for you but on a personal note by the very nature of it ..ie targeting mums etc it gives people like me a life line back into society that maybe we had lost .In the short time I have been doing this I have grown in confidence so much and gained some self esteem back that I had lost  along the way .

You may not realise just how much you are not only giving ladies like me  a chance at making some money in a very nice little business , but more than that you have given me my life back and that is Priceless and I will never be able to thank you enough :- ) .x


“The help and support we received initially after being trained by Victoria has proved invaluable as we grow our business. She continues to be on hand to help, and indeed push us to explore new things. Thank you for always motivating and believing in us”
Carli and Tracey


“Victoria has become a mentor to me. There have been so many occasions over the past  2 years when I’ve needed her invaluable advice. She has so much patience and excellent ideas and I am so grateful to her for helping me create the life I love so much.”
Ceri from Lollipops & Ladybirds

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