4 Steps Creating a MOREish Business

4 Steps Creating a MOREish Business

Hello fellow Mum! Thanks for taking the time to like my page 🙂 As a thank you I wanted to think of a little gift which I could offer you which will give you the most value. Something to take you from confused or overwhelmed to thinking clearly for the first time since Child Birth.

I figure this is the most precious gift you could give a Mum. Someone to hold a safe space for them to explore THEIR needs which often get lost in a family and to help them see their true gift in this world (as well as being a super mum!).

I find it staggering that so many AMAZING Mums lose confidence in their abilities when they start a family.. it is like they lose sight of everything they are holding down on top of carrying a torch for that ambition which now only makes them feel guilty. I believe it doesn’t have to be that way….

I believe we DESERVE to have both our ambition and a happy family without guilt. Men manage it and we can too. It is down to us to re-calibrate this balance in the system so our daughters don’t have the same struggle as us when they want to start a family as well as carry on with a career which excites her.

The problem is that to start making changes in our already full lives we need some time (ha ha!) to get clear. To get REALLY clear on what it is that we want from life for US. We ignore our needs in an attempt to put the needs of our family first but what we are forgetting is that a happy family needs a happy Mum. The only person who can make that happen is YOU and unfortunately it won’t happen by accident.

I have recorded 4 step course with 4 short videos (the first is below) to help walk you through some free coaching so you can work out what you REALLY want,

Step 1: We will look at what Motivates you

Step 2: We will take a look at the Opportunities available to you,

Step 3: We will look at the Reality here you are now and how to get from here to there

Step 4: Finally I want to leave you feeling so Empowered with your MOREish vision that you can not help but jump off your seat and set to work on following your dreams.

Here is the first video and then to carry on with the rest of the mini course (only 3 more videos with more powerful questions) you just need to sign up FOR FREE HERE. Grab a pretty notebook and press play 🙂

I hope you found that insightful – to carry on with the other 3 videos you just need to sign up FOR FREE HERE

With lots of love,

Victoria xx

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