22 vital truths about achieving success in business

22 vital truths about achieving success in business

I have often used the analogy of exercise to being in business so here is how success in BOTH areas come down to the same principals… I think weight loss and health is far easier to comprehend than business as it is something we have grown up with.. business may be something that you have only just started but having been in business for almost half my life I can see these patterns perfectly.

1. Consistency – Even If you work out once or twice really really hard and give it your best shot.. you will not see any results. it is only when you have been working out consistently for weeks or months that you start to see some pay off. SAME IN BUSINESS
2. Effort – If you exercise and never raise a sweat then your results are going to be far less than if you push yourself to the limit and are prepared to get sweaty many times a week. SAME IN BUSINESS
3. Sacrifice. If you need to loose weight the only way to make this happen is to be prepared to sacrifice. So sacrifice your favourite chocolate bar, sacrifice wine (ahhhh) and sacrifice your TV program in exchange for hitting the gym. SAME IN BUSINESS
4. Maintenance. You will only sustain the success you have experienced from your hard work if you maintain it..  if you stop and go back to your old ways you will start to creep back to the body you had before. SAME IN BUSINESS
5. Giving Up will never work. If you try exercise and quit before the results then you will NEVER have the body you want. The ONLY way to get that fit and healthy body you crave is to keep going on regardless of anything else. Quitting is simply a guarantee you will NEVER get what you want. SAME IN BUSINESS
6. Prioritize. You have to prioritize your fitness over anything else and in my case do it first as when the day takes over it the thing we end up shelving. SAME IN BUSINESS… do the important things first before life takes over.
7. Do it anyway. You still need to exercise if you don’t enjoy it… SAME IN BUSINESS. There will be tasks you HAVE to do regardless of whether you enjoy them or not. Best thing to do is just get them out of the way as soon as possible.
8. Gym Buddy. Exercise is more fun wth a friend and you are less likely to give up. The same is in business… find a biz buddy and keep each other going. You are also less likely to give up as you don’t want to let your buddy down.
9. Surround yourself with the right people. Who do you think you will motivate you more to bring your A game? A group of friends who are all athletes or a group of friends who would prefer to skip off and grab a pie and chips at the pub? Same in business… if you find yourself in a group of people who find excuses every day to not do the work and then moan about the lack of results then this will impact your results greatly. Surround yourself with the best in what you want to achieve, or a group of people who are willing to work as hard as you to make it happen.
10. Enjoy. Learn to enjoy the challenge. If you hate going to the gym then find a way to make it fun for you or find some exercise routine that you do enjoy. SAME IN BUSINESS. If you feel forced to do business in a particular way then find a way which works for you and that you are more likely to enjoy. So if you hate Twitter then don’t use it… same as if you hated the rowing machine you would skip that part and focus on the equipment which you do enjoy.
11. Listen to your body. Your body knows what you need but often we are just not tuned in enough to listen. If your knee is screaming at you while you are running then stop and attend to it. Give yourself permission to slow down or stop for a while. SAME IN BUSINESS, if your body (or mind) is in desperate need for some TLC then listen and respect that. This is not about breaking yourself to get your goal but making your life about making those dreams of yours happen.
12. Steady wins the race. If you are learning to run then you need to walk for a bit, then walk and run and only then work up to holding a run for a decent amount of time. SAME IN BUSINESS… you can’t just hit the ground running.. you need to build up to it or you could end up loosing it all in super quick time. Think about the fast weight loss solutions.. we all know it is a quick fix and the weight will come back on after… and will be harder next time.
13. Overnight success doesn’t exist. You know that you can not go from a size 22 to a size 12 overnight. It simply isn’t possible without loosing a few limbs, taking the weights out of our pockets and shaving our heads… SAME IN BUSINESS but I think in business it is less obvious because we see people fibbing online about their overnight wins..  like the image I attach. The thing is that none of this is true and it is just to get you to buy their training to make them some money.
14. Measure the results.  You won’t know your exercise is working unless you measure your weight and measurements… we will start to get a feel by our clothes but that can take time and can also be misleading… what if you have shrunk your jeans in the wash… if you measure properly then you will always know the truth. SAME IN BUSINESS… measure those numbres!
15. Have rest days. You can not work out hard 7 days a week.. you NEED rest days for results to happen as the muscles need to mend. SAME IN BUSINESS.. you NEED to take time off regularly and look after yourself.
16. You can’t cheat. You can starve yourself or take fat loss pills but this could harm you far more than not even trying… a bit like buying social media likes and comments… it is all pretend and will harm your business greatly.
17. Talking or thinking about the exercise won’t work.. only doing the exercise will. Obvs. SAME IN BUSINESS
18. Starting a new regime is so much harder than maintaining it as it is all new and so much to learn. SAME IN BUSINESS. So you need to get through the period when you will want to give up to get to the moment where you realise it is working.
19. Positive mindset it key. All professional sportspeople know this. They have to visualise themselves winning and be in the right head-space together results. SAME IN BUSINESS.
20. You can’t worry about what you look like when working out (let’s not even think about it!) SAME IN BUSINESS.. stop caring what people think as it will hold you back from really going for gold and getting those results you want.
21. Coaches and trainers are important to keep you moving. It is hard to motivate yourself which is why personal trainers can come in very handy when we get stuck in a rut or start to plateau.. SAME IN BUSINESS
22. Don’t sabotage your efforts You can’t exercise yet stuff your mouth full of every bit of chocolate you see. You have to take a whole body approach… SAME IN BUSINESS. Don’t do things which will conflict with your efforts as it will slow yourself down.
Anyway I think I could actually go on further but my little ones want feeding so I better get cracking 😉

With love as always

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