10 reasons why you should love your business…

10 reasons why you should love your business…

Having been at this a fair few years I have been through the cycle of loving.. then hating… then loving my business a few times. With this in mind I can say 100% that when I am in love with my business I am far more successful AND life feels soooo much better!

I also now know the importance of keeping to tweak your business so you continuously love it. When my love starts to fade I tweak the parts which are not working for me and I start to love it like I did that very first day.

The reason it is more successful is that I LOVE to work and so I am doing more than I would if I was hating it. When you do not love your work you can easily find ways to distract yourself with other things, you will work slowly and you will not be giving it your all.

Here are some of the reasons I have found others give for loving your business:

  • No matter how much money you make, nothing will help you overcome the feeling of doing something you hate –  Yep… I have been offered work which I took and then spent my whole time regretting it and trying to find ways to pass it to someone else. Such a waste of time and energy and takes you away from the work you love.
  • You are more inclined to work later hours ummmmm yes. As a Mum in business I need to work evenings and if I had to power up the laptop and do work I hated then I would probably give myself 100 reasons why that night should not be a work night and I should drink wine instead. The TV would always win…. and how is that helping you achieve your dream?
  • You are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty this is why I am up at 5.30 on a Saturday as I wanted to get a few blog posts written.. not because I HAD to but because I WANTED to. Such a powerful difference
  • You can relate more to the work and come up with better ideas 100% true… when I am having a love affair with my business I am totally inspired in all areas of my life.
  • You’re more passionate about the work you are doing This goes without saying.. if you love something you are more passionate about it. How can you get passionate about something you hate. Also when you are passionate this attracts more people to what you are doing. Would you rather buy from someone who gushes on about what they do and why it is amazing or something who simply tells you the facts about what they do and moves on…
  • No obstacle will stop you from achieving success literally nothing will stop me making this a success for me as I LOVE it… and if I don’t have this then I may have to go and get a job… ahhhhhhhhhh NOT HAPPENING!!
  • Our working careers will consume most of our lives, so we might as well do something we enjoy Yep… seems like our world is set up to work most of the time so if we are not enjoying this aspect then life could become pretty miserable..
  • You will get more fulfillment when you finally make it. Yep when I started my entrepreneurial life I was a web design as this is what I knew I could do to make money. I became successful and sold lots of websites but still hated my work!  Success only means something if you are loving every minute (in my opinion…)

These 10 ideas were taken from Elite Daily – thanks for a great post guys and inspiring me to write this one.

I then went onto find these additional reasons:

I took these from Business News Daily here

And here are a few of my own

  • You will sell more of  the products you love making because it will beam through to those who are interested in buying. That passion for your products will attract more customers.
  • You will be prepared to step our of your comfort zone to achieve your goals as you can’t bare the thought of them not happening.
  • When you are so in love with your business you can not help but shout it from the roof tops to anyone who will listen…
  • You become obsessive about the work as you would a hobby and would rather be working on your business than anything else.
  • You create more content without even thinking.. when I am doing something I love then there is no shutting me up.. I am in the flow and publishing a blog post a day as I am head over heels in love at the moment… when I am not then writing one seems like a massive chore…


Please note that loving your business does not mean you don’t have to focus on the money and make it work financially. This is just as important but the fact is that finding that thing you love will make it so much easier to reach that point as you are willing to work like a crazy lady to make it happen. If your business is just about how much cash you can earn then as soon as things take a dive (which is inevitable in business from time to time) then you will have nothing to pull you through till it starts to take off again.

So YES you need to love your work AND it needs to give you the financial rewards you are aiming for. It is not a mutually exclusive thing… you can have it all 😉




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