10 Reasons Why I Am Grateful To Be Dyslexic

10 Reasons Why I Am Grateful To Be Dyslexic

A few times friends have asked me about my dyslexia as they fear that their child may suffer from it and have asked for my advice… I realized that not one bit of me felt sorry for the child.. in-fact I really think of it as a gift and the challenge is how you can help the child make the most of the gift rather than trying to hide or fix it.

Yes they will struggle with spelling.. but who REALLY cares about that stuff if you have the sort of brain which could change the world for the better.. in ways no non-dyslexic could even see?

I really don’t want to be bragging here and make you jealous about my dyslexia but here are some of the reasons that I truly cherish this ‘label’ … and in-case you are wondering I have actually researched online about traits of dyslexic people and these are some of them… and they are all traits that I would hate to be without…

1) CREATIVITY. This comes in bucket loads as you are able to get past the detail and think creatively about almost everything. You are not bogged down by the little minutia so you can lose yourself in whatever you turn your mind too. (ooohhh I have never used the word minutia before!!)

2) CURIOSITY. Until I researched this I had no idea that my genuine curiosity for life was anything special.. but turns out that is a trait of a dyslexic.. yay me!

3) INTUITION AND INSIGHT. Not sure why but this comes out of a trait of a dyslexic and I know I do have quite a strong intuition… just wish I could trust it a bit more but that is another story.

4) BIG PICTURE THINKING. Because we can’t look at the detail so easily it means us dyslexics make the perfect big picture thinkers…I am VERY good at looking at things from all heights and getting that all important perspective you need in order to solve a problem.

5) SEE PATTERNS EASILY. This must be the way our brains are wired but apparently this is a trait.. and I am very good at this… hence why I became a computer programmer in my former life!

6) EASY ADAPTATION TO CHANGE. I don’t just adapt easily.. I THRIVE on change which I know is not normal.. most people hate it but if I am not changing something up then I feel stagnant.. not ideal if you are working for me BUT if we didn’t change things in this world then there would be no progress so change really is an essential part of life. Go dyslexics.. you world changing few 😉

7) VERY DRIVEN AND AMBITIOUS. Again.. I had no idea this was because of my dyslexia but apparently it is… YAY ME again!

8) NO BOUNDARIES OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE… I literally have no limits on what I think is possible.. if I think it then I can do it… so this really does allow me to think big and am sure this is because my brain is wired slightly different from the norm!

9) SIMULTANEOUS MULTIPLE THOUGHT PROCESSING … I read this and thought YES YES YES!! I am often thinking of 5 things at once… and now I know why… I have super brain powers which is why I do not worry about spelling and grammar… you try spelling things when you have about 5 thoughts going on in any one time..

10) SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY. I had no idea how differently I saw things until recently and I LOVE the way I think. Since I stopped fighting my dyslexia I have really settled into the fact that I see the world differently than most people I know. I prefer my view if I am honest 😉

So I spent my childhood growing up feeling like I had been hit with the stupid stick (which is what some of my teachers thought!) or lazy (which is what the other teachers thought) BUT now I realize that I am seriously gifted … and you really need these gifts if you want to change the world as you can’t change the world with the same thinking which got us unto this mess…

So if you are dyslexic or have a child who is showing signs… please don’t feel sad. Just know that they are beyond special and are here to change the world in some way.

With love

PS.. please don’t email me to correct my grammar as it shows you up more than me 😉

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