VIP Coaching Day

VIP Coaching DayHello lovely lady. I am like you. I GET IT!

I have spent my ENTIRE life fighting it but I have too many passions to fit into an average lifetime. I used to find this both scary and frustrating.

When asked to pick just one thing by coaches (as this is what ‘successful’ people do) it feels like I am having to choose between my two children or decide which limb I wish to keep.

I KNOW (from experience) that when i choose just one thing that the other ideas I have will eat away at me until I either start to get depressed or distracted so I end up doing nothing.

I thought there was something wrong with me. I didn’t seem to fit in the normal way of being. I felt I was being punished with too many ideas to action and that I was crazy that I could do more then one of them.

But here is the thing…. when I allow myself to fully flow with my ideas (in a lovely gentle structure) I can get so much more done. I feel fully alive and excited by my life and seem to come alive.

So while on the outside people may ask “what is it you actually do?” as I seem to confuse people around me with all my business interests.. the people who appreciate my work and would want to work with me totally get it and even better than that…

… every single one of my interests/passions/businesses would be of interest to them as they are like me. We are like twins who were separated at birth who just “get it”

When we start to find people like this, we start to begin to fit somewhere. We stop fighting who we are as we realize we are not alone.

If you are an entrepreneur though you need to be careful as you can create a complete mess around you (like i did!) so you need to grow your empire in a clever and harmonious way.  The key here is to find a way to combine all your passions into a central theme so that you can pull it all together in a beautiful and ingenious way.

This is where I come in. A lifetime of pushing business ideas together which really should not sit together has positioned me perfectly to help you combine yours into a wonderful and easy to manage plan. My first business managed to secure a £10,000 business loan where I successfully combined my wedding jewellery business and my web design business into a cohesive plan (don’t ask!)

With my love of tech I can also help you to create systems which allow all your ideas to sit separately but allows you to manage it all centrally to avoid overwhelm and burn out. Take it from someone who has far too many websites… if you want to do this properly you need to ensure the tech is there to support you as you can not rely on your creative brilliant brain to remember how it all fits.

If you feel fragmented with all your ideas, frustrated that you simply can not settle on just one idea and embarrassed at the mess you seem to be making BUT deep inside you KNOW if your heart you have something brilliant to share with the world… then please reach out and lets get a date in the diary and get a plan in place to set your genius self free.

VIP days run 9.30 – 2.30 and are only £495+vat including lunch and treats 😉