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Is This The Death of Glastonbury Festival?

Is This The Death of Glastonbury Festival?


  • being trapped in my village all day (and the car for about an hour trying to get out of the village before turning back)
  • having to entertain two kids inside without supplies all day who have now gone slightly loopy
  • still having the expense of nursery bills for TWO children which is not cheap even though I can not reach the nursery
  • loosing business as I could not attend meetings with my kids in toe (or think straight for that matter!)

I am naturally feeling very grumpy so I thought I would do what I am trying to do alot of at the moment and learn from it!

And when you start to look there are actually lots of lessons we can learn from the major cock up which has been Glastonbury Festival 2016 and the enormous consequences they now need to face.

Basically even though Mr Eavis has done this for many many years, there is still plenty of room for mistakes. All we can do is do our best and this goes for Micheal too. I don’t think he should be blamed for this disaster BUT I do think he needs to think hard about what he is putting our community through next year.

I think we should take comfort from the fact that even someone who has managed to build such a massive impact with worldwide appeal can still get it wrong sometimes… which means it is ok when we screw up too! NO-ONE is perfect so lets quit trying to be!

There are some things such as weather that we can not plan for…no-one (not even Mr Eavis) has a crystal ball which can predict such things BUT we could perhaps plan for the worst case scenarios a little better… especially when lives are at stake when you don’t.

That everyone likes to share their opinion on Facebook.. it is like they think it is an invisible shield which allows them to mouth off at each other without consequence. Just because you are behind your screen.. it does not make you invincible or that you have the right to shout people down in words.

Just because someone shares such an opinion which you do not agree with it does not mean that they are right. It just means they are having a different experience to you based on their circumstances, past experience and feelings about the whole thing.

That telling people to ‘chill out’  will not make people ‘chill out’ and just because you are not being effected it does not mean it is not causing someone else to have a complete nightmare.

That many people naturally struggle to follow simple instructions, especially if it is not what they want to hear. This does not mean that we should all follow suit though as if one person bucks the rules it often will have little impact but when 100,000 do it … it sends a town to gridlock.

That the good people of this world will do what suits them over what suits a whole community. Again we can manage with one or two but if everyone does the same it creates bedlam.

That the good people of this world will push their limits and boundaries to get more of whatever they want and without worry. This is not because they are selfish but because we are born this way and as adults we simply learn to share and adapt better to take into account other people around us. Our natural instinct is to do what is best for us and to test those boundaries as hard as we can (anyone with a toddler will probably relate!)

That you can be seen as a hero one moment but one cock up later and your name can be dragged through the mud (literally in this case!) Mr Eavis does alot for this community but one slip up (even though it is potentially massive!) and he is certainly in the dog house around here!

And finally that sometimes you can take your ideas too big. We seem to be programmed to grow our businesses as big as we can. That growth is good and big is better. I keep seeming small businesses go under as they grew fast, let people down and then loyal customers walked away due to frustration.

So my question is.. is Glastonbury too big for our local infrastructure? Tiny lanes with room for one vehicle which seem to clog up the entire area with a 10 mile radius into gridlock. Some of the stories I have heard which make me think that this year HAS to be the end of Glastonbury in the size it is. Yes 100,000 people want to come but if we can only handle 50,000 then limit it to that. This growth is ruining it for everyone.

To those that say ‘chill out it is only a day’.. how would YOU feel if:

Your grandma had popped out for some milk last night at 4pm from Tesco and ended up having to sleep in her car as the roads were gridlocked…

There was human poo outside your house as people obviously have needs and no where to do it..

Schools had 50% attendance and will be punished for this by the government. The reason it was so low is because all the school buses were cancelled as no one could move. This is not the schools fault…

Your child missed a vital lesson as they could not get near the school for traffic and could effect their grades…

There was a fire in one of the villages where the whole village could have gone down in flames as there is no way a fire fighter could have got through the traffic…

Your child was ill there was no way an ambulance could have reached you…

You had urgent medical needs but could not reach your appointment

An elderly relative was left in their bed all day without food as their carer could not get through.

The school children who did make it into school could not get fed as the school cooks could not make it though.

Families struggling to feed their family have had to take an unpaid days leave which they can ill afford.

Businesses struggling to make ends meet have lost a day, and potentially a week’s worth of business just so one man can build his (even though overheads remained the same)

You took 3.5 hours to do a 1 mile journey and missed an important appointment…

You lost your job as your employer is not happy that you did not make it into work…

You got trapped at work and could not make it to the nursery to pick up your child at the end of the day…

The list goes on and to be honest I think it would be completely irresponsible to carry on as they are. So is this the death of Glasto… or are there changes which can be made to make it work for everyone…