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How to remove all threat of competitors TODAY

How to remove all threat of competitors TODAY

So if you are reading this expecting me to tell you about some push button system which blows up all your competitors computers or anything else along those lines then I am afraid you may leave a little disappointed. This blog post is not about them but about YOU. You have no control AT ALL over them, their business or their activities but you do have 100% control over you, your business and activities. See the difference there? So you could spend hours and hours of your day, weeks of your life focusing on what your competitors are doing but how on earth is that going to serve you or grow your business? What possible difference can you make focusing on something you have no control over? I will tell you – no difference whatsoever!

In-case you are thinking along the lines of  “You don’t understand, my competitor is ruthless, you have never had to deal with what I have to deal with..” let me tell you about my experience…

I have had some in the past who copy and steal ideas and it used to upset me hugely. I used to get the point in which I would refuse to launch new products in-case someone else came along and took my idea and made it their own. How was me stopping doing what I did best, which was creating new ideas, helping me to build a business? I ended up in a very negative place and stopped growing through fear. The only person who won in that situation were the competitors with no ideas of their own. What I should have done is feel proud that I was out front leading the way. I knew I had 10 amazing ideas up my sleeve for every one they pinched so instead of slowing down I should have worked so fast that I left them in the dust. Copying happens. FACT. So it is how we deal with it that counts. Now you can get protection for certain things but I now think that all that time fighting these legal battles (or dreaming about legal battles) is taking you away from playing your bigger and brighter game. Every second you spend fretting and worrying about these copy-cats is wasted time and energy – it could even be the difference between the success or failure of your business.

Ramping it up a level I have since acquired a VERY ruthless competitor who does not play nice. She has done many things to sabotage my business from negative ratings through to negative SEO on my sites. She sends me fishing emails and would have left the old me VERY cross indeed, in fact when it all started I could feel my business slipping away as I was focusing on what she was doing. I have to say that 2 years on she is still there, no damage has been done, She does not affect me and I have no idea what she is up in her business – i.e. my focus has been where it should be. ON MY BUSINESS. I couldn’t care less what she does as I know I am playing my best and biggest game and am loving it. Since making that switch in focus my business is now blooming and know if I had remained in that negative space I probably would have given up or gone bust.

So if you want to remove the threat of your competitors then here are my simple tips.

  • Stop looking at their site, Facebook and email list UNLESS it is purley research and does not have any emotional effect on you. If seeing something from them puts you in a bad mood then make a promise to remove all traces of them from your life. That time spent in bad moods is taking money off the table. Stop it!
  • Focus on being the best you can be and creating the most amazing business you dare to dream about. This will annoy them far more than anything else you can do. All your attention should be on you, your products, your services and enjoying it all!
  • If you have copiers or in my case a bit of a ‘nut’ then try and feel some form of empathy for them, whether it is the fact they have no fresh ideas of their own (I mean how far can you get on copied ideas?) or they are obviously not doing well or they wouldn’t have time to be looking at what you are doing. Either way just feel a little sorry for them and wish them well.
  • Make yourself stand out so that no one can undercut you or copy you as people want to buy from YOU regardless of what else is on the table.

I honestly do not believe there is such a thing of competitors now, we are all unique and is up to us to demonstrate how we ‘own’ our own space in the market. I work with companies who enter a market in an area where there are already similar businesses in operation. I tell them, and am telling you, that is does not matter who is there now. You just need to work out how you can enter the market and stand out, be the best at what you do, and keep people coming back for more. Simples 🙂 You need to create an attractive business and then keep your customers close. If you do this then no one can touch you or your business.

Until the next time,

Victoria x